Author Topic: Voting for the "Simplicity," Weekly Photography Assignment  (Read 501 times)


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Voting for the "Simplicity," Weekly Photography Assignment
« on: July 13, 2009, 05:48:54 PM »
Please vote for your favorite image from the "Simplicity" assignment for the "People's Choice" award.  The guidelines for this assignment were to "strive to compose an image that is simple in design, with no distractions or competing elements within the image."  This assignment built upon the "Distraction Free" assignment by not only emphasizing the removal of all distractions from the image, but also emphasizing the use of a simple, clean "design" to showcase the subject.

To vote for an image, simply select the image title in the "poll" attached at the top of this thread, and click "submit vote."  NOTE:  You need to be logged in to see the voting options.  Voting will end at midnight, Mountain Time (GMT-07:00) on Sunday, 19 July 2009.


Black and White

Simply Balanced



By Hand


“That Annoying Dripping Faucet”

Families Welcome

That thingamajig...


Viewers are encouraged to respond to this thread describing why you like a particular image, or think it was particularly successful at meeting the guidelines of the assignment.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the "Simplicity" assignment.

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