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Katoomba's Amazing View South.
« on: March 30, 2008, 01:48:42 AM »
   I realized recently that I had not photographed Echo Point and Mount Solitary, for some years. In fact, more that I care to recall. With this as my goal, I took Saturday to photograph the view South from Sublime Point in Leura and today, Sunday, to photograph that same view from Echo Point, one of Australia's premier tourist locations. So, in the begining at Leura came
which was quickly followed by the short track out to Sublime Point itself.

Within minutes, the astonishing view of Mount Solitary to the south flanked by Kings tableland in the east and the Kedumba and Jamison valleys, opened out. I have lived in this area for almost fifty years and this view always 'catches my breath', so to speak.

Mount Solitary, filling the image, remains awesome. The valley in front being the Jamison.

Another classic view South showing Kings Tableland and the Kedumba valley in front. This whole area is part of a giant National Park and access is limited to the road across the mountains itself, as discovered by The explorers Blaxland Wentworth and Lawson in 1813, and minor walking tracks.
I couldnt help photographing the Banksia at the side of the walking track. Banksia Spinulosa is native in the upper mountains and, flowering in Autumn (fall), is a prolific source of food for birds, insects, possums and bees, both native and introduced (apis mellifera).

Eucalyptus Oreades abound and are characterised by, tall clean trunks reaching for the sky along with long strips of bark hanging from the tree and branches itself. They are a beautiful tree.

Today, Sunday, saw Lida and I head to Echo Point in Katoomba to view the Three sisters ( a rock formation) and Mount Solitary, from a different perspective.

Approaching Echo Point itself I couldnt help catching the Tourist's eye view..

Oh, how things have changed over the years!
Mount Solitary, with the Jamison valley in front, is as breathtaking as always. I never tire of this view, ever.

Not much of a  photo but it shows the Sisters none the less.

This view of the first Sister is interesting in that you can see the metal platform walkers can take to get onto the sister herself. Directly behind the metal walkway, is a set of descending stair's whihc, aptly named the Giant Stairway', take the walker down to the valley floor and truly spectacular bushwalks.

That view again...

 I couldn't help myself...this is the Top of the First Sister with 'That View' in the back ground again.

In this area, the view's are everywhere. This shows a glimpse to the west and Narrow Neck in the background framed by two differing species of Eulcalypt.

As you can imagine, after such an exhausting couple of hours meandering around taking photos, Lida and I simply had to pause for Cappaciano and Orange Peako Tea. AAhhh, its been a 'difficult morning!!
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Re: Katoomba's Amazing View South.
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Great post.  Thank you for sharing your outing with us.  I can only imagine the "Giant Stairway" and the number of steps down to the valley floor.  I imagine it would be quite a trip to take the stairs down and back up again.  I can amost smell the Eucalyptus along the trail.

I am definitely looking forward to getting out and hiking more with Evan this summer.