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Voting for "Motion" Assignment
« on: June 23, 2008, 06:43:02 AM »
The images submitted for the "Motion" assignment are displayed below.  Please vote on your favorite image for the "Peoples Choice" award.  Simply select the image title in the "poll" attached at the top of this thread, and click "submit vote."  Voting will end at midnight, Mountain Daylight Time (GMT-07:00) on Sunday, 29 June.

Remember that the guidelines for the "Motion" assignment were:  "You can choose to use a photographic technique (slow shutter speed, rear flash sync, panning, etc.) to illustrate motion, or you can submit an image to illustrate the "concept" of motion.  Better yet, visualize and capture an image that employs both a photographic technique and a "concept" to illustrate the theme of "motion."

Hypnotic Spin

Fumorals Kerlingarfoll

Look'in for a Treat

One Fast Banana

Early Morning Biker

Folkloric Dancer

Folkloric Dancer 2

The Chaleur

Not Moving Now!


Four Gulls


Through the Woods

Hang on


Coal Creek

Waterfall Creek

Light Beam on Waterfall Creek

Keith Crossing Waterfall Creek

Coming storm
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