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Cypress on FireJust after the first light of dawn the sunlight breaks through the Cypress Trees along the Joshua Creek.55555
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Hypnotic SpinUsed a spinning astro ball (used in nightclubs) and used selective desaturation to highlight the motion.55555
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Cloud ShadowYesterday evening a few fragile clouds marked the sky over the Kansas Flint Hills. The setting sun created a shadow path below one of the closer clouds. That's what caught my eye, the mix of clouds do form an implied leading line helping to direct attention to the gold hills and lake nestled below. 55555
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FlightIt's snowing hard today. The snow is going to fall for the next four or five days and the temperature is supposed to drop very low. Maybe I will take a few more shots on Saturday but in case I don't I am adding this one from today.55555
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MetallicaThis photo was quite heavily edited to create a free flowing effect as can be seen from the original. I rotated, cropped, desaturated, changed the background, distorted the metallic material, played with the exposure, lighting and hue. Took a long time to complete. 55555
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Violet-crowned WoodnymphViolet-crowned Woodnymph, at the pools, Rancho Naturalista, Costa Rica
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The Light WithinHad my model inside a huge cardboard box with holes punched in it and placed the box in front of the setting sun. Also used a smoke machine to diffuse the light even more.55555
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Spring: A time to try out new facesThis morning while waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin, Ashlynn and Jenna, became bunny cousins!55555
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Spring look55555
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Inspired by everyone's implied leading lines compositions55555
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I need free healthcare or I'm doneNikkor 70-200/2.8G VRI; handheld, VR-on (didn't know what shutter speed the D700 will give me at f/8 aperture priority); +1.0 exposure compensation because I wanted to expose the dragonfly in Z.VI brightness; AF-C, 21 points, dynamic AF-area, focus point at mid-body and upper left rear wing just above the torn part. My in-camera defaults: 14bit NEF, linear tone curve, adobeRGB, autoWB, everything else are off. PP in CNX2, prophotoRGB then converted to sRGB; cropped to near 100%.55555
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Blue Water LilyAt the entrance to Mercer Arboretum northeast of Houston is a fountain with several varieties of water lilies growing in the pool below. I was fascinated by the center color of this particular waterlily. It looked like liquid gold.55555
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A very still moment55555
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FluffyShe just always had that look about her!55555
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Medusan RedA composition of several photos blended together.55555
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The Rear-end of a CaterpillarWho would have thought that this is what the backside of a caterpillar looks like?55555
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