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Miss Elizabeth105 viewsMiss Elizabeth is our treasure. She is a former work mate of mine. Evan spent the first 18 months of his life working with me at my main client's office and Elizabeth was our saving grace there. McKenzie needs more Elizabeth time :-) She is a wonderful influence on our kids and a wonderful friend. We got to have one more picinc with her this week.
family102 viewsI know,I'm missing one...but he hates his pic taken! And all frames are crooked...just goes along with this 160 yr. old house :)
Tea Set102 viewsMy mom wanted a chemistry set when she was 8. Instead she received this delicate china tea set and passed it down to me. She had tea parties on her back porch. This set is now 76 years old.
Pure quality craftmanship99 viewsOne of my 150 classic cameras
My tiggers!99 viewsMy tigger's are all special too me! These are just a few that have been given to me by family and friends! I realize I didn't adhere to the whole "background" "eye distractions" thing,but our power is out due to rain/wind storms...we have the generator on so I took a few shots before I miss the assignment!
Friendship roses97 viewsA new treasured memory. Thank you to Rick and Sue who came over for dinner tonight and brought me these stunning roses. I think the last time I got roses was when Keith and I were dating. I have so many beautiful crystal vases and I have already boxed them for the move, so all I could find was a cooler in the garage--made a beautiful vase and we all got a good laugh. I will always treasure their friendship. Thank you, Rick and Sue!
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Benjamin Franklin92 viewsI see memories lined up on the wall. Each bottle tells a tale.
NIkkormat92 views
Mamyia 64592 viewsThis little beauty i still use
"Above my Window Treasures"90 viewsThese hang above my Kitchen window.The curtain was my Grandma's,The glass tear drop belonged to my girl's Grandma,Bonnie,David & Melissa made me bracelets,Alan gave me the glass heart,the tiny mug is from a dear little girl I used to babysit and the lure...well,it's the one I got stuck in Mike's head.I had to cut a hole in his hat to get to it.I didn't have the strength to cut the barb,so he had to! But I did have to yank it out with pliers! We joke about it to this day!
My Treasure Tree89 viewsMy only vice is my Christmas decoration collection. I start decorating end of October. It takes me about a week to get all the decorations on my tree up. I have decorations that are about 40 yeras old and from all over the world. Every Christmas I remember who gave me what and where I bought them. My friends and family feed my "addiction" by presenting me with more every year. I'm always adding. I have a policy that if I break one I have to "punish" myself and buy 10 to replace it!!!
Old Camera87 viewsThis camera belonged to my grandfather and was purchased in 1910 by his father. I have had it for about 40 years when my grandfather passed it on to me. I have never taken a picture with it but I will never part with either.
Stereo85 viewsAn old (1905) Stereo viewer
Old Pocket Watch83 viewsThis watch was Sue's grandfathers which would make it about 120 years old
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