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FireworksLissa and I took alot of shots with both cameras and captured some very interesting pictures of our own backyard fireworks.
Glacier Lily MacroI think I took this on Wednesday morning during the Radiant Vista Workshop. The location was Washington Gulch west of Crested Butte CO. Although it was about 8:30 in the morning, the sun had not reached the gulch. Since it was so dark, I had to shoot it at 800 ISO so there is some noise. This is a very small plant, about than 6 inches tall, with a flower that is about 1.25 inches. I placed a 12" warming reflector on the ground under it to get more light in. The colors looked much better in Adobe RGB.
Evan's Equipment and Setup for "Soft Light" AssignmentNikon D3, 28-70mm AFS lens, Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod, Bubble Level, Cable Release
and "Blue Potty" stepstool.

Most essential piece of equipment: "Blue Potty"
Evan's TakeEvan watched Mom and Dad photographing a vase of roses for the "soft light" assignment, and then insisted that it was his turn to take pictures with "tractor."
Soft ColumbinesThis macro of two Columbines was shot July 9, during a Radiant Vista Workshop in Crested Butte, Colorado. The flowers this week have been amazing and we have spent most of the workshop focusing on the beauty of very small things.
Gothic Valley Sunrise on Mt Crested ButteI shot this early this morning. We are in a Radiant Vista workshop, which has us up very early each day. Our weather forecast included "smoke" which is quite evident in this exposure. I used a one-stop soft-edge split neutral density filter. This was taken just as the sun hit the top of Mount Crested Butte on the right. The beautifully curving Gothic River nicely reflects the gathering morning light bouncing off the smokey air.
Rebecca's Desk
Rough Tree Fern 2This specimen of Cyanthea Australis was growing beside a creek while the background shows the forest floor through which afternoon winter sun, gently highlighted this beautiful plant.
Rough Tree Fern1Cyathea Australis, this tree fern of very ancient lineage, is one of the outstanding plants of our Wet Forests. I liked the way the afternoon, winter sun, filtered through the Oreades forest and highlighted this magnificent plant.
Eucalyptus OreadesWeak winter sun filtered through the afternoon and illuminated the western edges of these magnificent trees, while the fallen bark and leaf mulch provided a soft, almost gentle ground cover.
Afternoon LightAfternoon light gently illuminated these books on the lounge room wall.
Tuscan HarvestTaken indoors using two bedside table lamps with shades to soften the light.
Red rock quaryI took off on my walk this morning and the pre-sunrise light hits the quary above our house just right. I love the light it emits before the sun peaks the ridge to the East (behind me as I took this picture).
Zapata FallsAfter all the times I've been in the area, today was my first trip to Zapata Falls, near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. After a short hike, it's necessary to walk in the COLD stream below the waterfall to get through a canyon to actually see the falls.
The Light WithinHad my model inside a huge cardboard box with holes punched in it and placed the box in front of the setting sun. Also used a smoke machine to diffuse the light even more.
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