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Cement Creek I forgot to upload Evan's image for the "motion" assignment. Dad wouldn't let him get any closer to the creek, so he couldn't remove the twig.
Coming stormLooked like a storm rolling in when I took this picture.
Keith Crossing Waterfall CreekKeith just had to get that "other angle". The water flow was very high and hundreds of gallons per second were rushing by a few feet from his feet! Keith: about that cougar story, I have a shot with your pants caught on a spike if you want to buy it!
Light Beam on Waterfall CreekThe mist from the falls was rising up and was caught by a beam of light.
Waterfall Creek, Crested Butte, Colorado
Coal CreekCoal Creek continues to race past businesses as it surpasses bank full. Sandbags are already in place in hopes of business as usual.
DelugeThis is the creek as it moves through downtown Crested Butte, CO - unbelievable torrent of water. Had fun with the color balance using the setting 'Sodium Vapor Lamps' - have always wanted to use that setting.
Hang onIn keeping with my tradition - I had to include a shot of Evan - this is creekside in downtown Crested Butte - the torrent of water is amazing to see right in downtown. Challenge was to get Evan to hold still for the 1/8 second shutter speed - that is an eternity for a 2 year old.
Through the WoodsWaterfall Creek near Crested Butte, CO - really did not need a slow shutter speed to blur this water - unbelievable flow this spring. I liked the shaft of light; however, I realized I blew one patch of the waterfall - still like the light.
Not Moving Now!Sunday morning Cappuccino in Leura, found this vehicle abandoned, on the garden bed, with Police Ticket attached to windscreen, and an obvious need for 'Motion'! I wonder about the story behind this image!
Canada, Quebec. VIA Rail Canada train "The Chaleur" between Montreal & Gaspesie. Views from the train. Shot from the back of the train at 1/30 of sec. I tested a lot of different speeds to get what I really wanted, the beauty of digital!
North America, Mexico, State of Guerrero, Acapulco. Antonio Ramirez Mexican Folkloric show. Shot hand held at 1/30 of a sec. I find that for most of my favorite folkloric show dance shots I seem to like shooting at 1/30 or slower. Lucky that the stage was nice and black behind dancer to give a nice clean look to the image. I could have zoomed in a lot more, but wanted to provide my agent with some images with a lot of negitive space.
North America, Mexico, State of Guerrero, Acapulco. Antonio Ramirez Mexican Folkloric show.
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