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looking upI sat under my flowers to take this.It has a soft subtle tone.
Red, White and Blue
Climbing the Red RocksI was just playing with composition while sitting in the back of the Jeep. I am really impressed with this 100-400L lens. I was amazed when I saw it on my computer. At 100% I could see so much detail in the climber face that if you knew this person, you could definitely tell it was her. I must have been 200 yards away.
DaisiesThe wind was blowing these flowers around a lot. I had to shoot at a high speed to stop the action, but then had to contend with keeping it in focus as it moved. Got lucky on this one.
Yellow and Blue FlowersThese yellow flowers are about 1.25 inch across. The blue ones in the background are about 0.25 inch. Made a nice color combination.
Flag DayTaken as a quick shot to get the reading on the light and it came out better than the ones I spent a lot of time on.
Colorful ColoradoI took a long time making this image and shot it 150 times to try to get it right. I was so focused on getting the flags to be backlit that I was not watching and the rock formation went dark on me. Also shooting into the sun, the sky got washed out. Not really as representative of what it looked like as I wanted.
Mixed flowersMixed flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
Sky lilyA water lily at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The reflection composition was actually intentional, which is rare for me. :)
Primary ToysMy first two assignment shots were just pics of someone else's creations, so when Grandma sent Evan some primary color shorts - I got an idea. Evan sure had fun helping me create this primary color shot and he learned his primary colors!
Watercolor dreamMy Aunt painted this beautiful watercolor --I captured a portion of the picture - I love how you just get lost in the stream and colorful woods.
Psycho 70'sGotta love the 1970's and the Marcos - British car that was my uncle's first sports car
Picnic BouquetI struggled with the "color" assignment all week, but nothing "clicked." Rebecca threw together this quick bouquet from our garden to take to her Aunt's house for a picnic dinner. Whipping out the trusty point and shoot, I seized the moment.
Painter's PaletteI kept my eyes open all week long for a scene that would lend itself to the "color" assignment. Finally on Saturday night I spotted this scene on a table at Rebecca's Aunt's house. Luckily I had brought along the point and shoot.
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