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Saguaro CactusSaguaro Cactus with Christmas lights in Scottsdale, AZ. Taken on a tripod.
Saguaro Cactus and the moonSaguaro Cactus and the moon in Scottsdale, AZ
Macro Lights
Snow GlobeWelcome back, and thank you for the invitation to participate!
I used some layers of fabric with reflective texture to create the lights. One layer is silvery, and the other is blue. A studio light fitted with a snoot was directed at the globe, using just the modeling light for warmth. The snoot's glass reflection was used to put a light in the middle of the star. To finish it off a speedlight was used to create the highlights. Camera: Nikon D810 Lens: Zenit Helios 85mm. @ ISO64, F1.5, 1/60
Trees hand held - note the blur in the lights -- should have used a tripodI'm not too fond of this shot, I uploaded this so you could see the difference between hand held and tripod -- especially in low light and night shooting. It is hard to hand hold with shutter speeds slower than about 1/15th of a second and not get motion blur from the camera movement. Compare this to Evan's shot of these trees using a tripod.
Peacock illuminatedChristmas lights at Botanica, Wichita, KS Illuminations
Botanica Lights
Botanica Lights
Botanica Lights
Botanica Lights
Botanica Lights
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