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Cactus Flower & Ant
Bee in the desert 3
Bee in the desert 2
Bee in the desert
Breakfast is ServedFighting for a bit of suger and honey
Another Ant
Ants again
AntsTry to find any interestings Creatures only find couple of very small Ants
CaterpillarA samll visitor making a meal of an Oregon Grape bush.
Black Ant & Aphids #9541Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge, Kansas – Using its antenna a black ant milks an aphid freeing a small drop of "honeydew". Called a "mutualistic relationship" aphids receive protection from predators in exchange for the sweet liquid. Some ants nurture their herds from year to year by storing aphid eggs in their nests over the winter months, then move them to the plants in the spring to create a new colony.
Green Eyed JumperI was watching all day for a jumping spider. One real beauty got away. This one was very very small but the gorgeous green eyes still come through.
Ants and AphidsAnts offer protection to aphids in exchange for the sugary "honeydew" left behind when the aphids feed on plant sap. You can see a drop of liquid on the lower ant's mandibles.
Lone Star Tick in the WildMost insects are a bit shy and hide when they notice me. The exceptions are those that think I look like a meal. This little guy became very excited as I got closer. He reached out his legs toward me and waved them back and forth as if motioning me to get closer. That's their game. They wait on brush for animals to pass by then grab hold. There are a lot of them out there this year.
Ant Harvesting a Drop of HoneydewHere's a closeup study of an ant pulling a drop of "honeydew" from a colony of aphids.
Miller Moth
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