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Mica & GraniteSome friends took us to a granite mine. It was actually a side of a mountain they had drilled. There was white and pink granite and quite a bit of mica. I thought this was a really neat piece. Keith, I need to remember how to get there for your next visit with Evan. He would love it. I took a few pieces just for him.
Mosquito on Water Speedwell BlossomThe title sounds almost like a weird salad doesn't it?... But I was really drawn to these tiny blossoms at the waterfall's edge. Below the stems, on the surface of the water, the spent petals floated on an algae garden where aquatic insects explored the surface.
Green Leaves
Marilyn's 3 angle triptych
My treeI keep following this tree season after season, maybe you remember her? Today is strange weather, we have had snow, sleet, sun, wind... Very strange day but the clouds were pretty.
Pasque Flower or Wild CrocusThe Pasque Flower is one of the first wildflowers to bloom in Colorado. They are starting to bloom on the property so I know summer is comming. The name refers to its blooming around the time of the ancient pagan rites of Easter, Passover and now tied to Christ's resurrection. Many species of pasque flowers are found throughout Europe as well as in the plains and mountains. (Taken from Wild About Wildflowers - Katherine Darrow)
Time for a Commercial Breake
Hi Rick, side by sideHere's simply an opinion. When something is very detailed from top to bottom, it needs tones (contrast) or the photo is a bit lost. Even in black and white. A faded look or even tones can be very nice on a simple photo with not so much detail. These stump photos, however, need to have a little more done to them. I love how you can get these beautiful crisp images but in this case there is so much going that the viewer is missing.
Three FrogsGeary County State Fishing Lake feeder stream, Kansas
Left panel only after stacking with no other processing
The Stump III went back to the stump from the last assignment and used some photo stacking and took these 3 images. Thank you Keith for the lesson on photo stacking.
1st CommunionTwo birds - one stone. I took the 1st communion again this year. Also did the assignment.
Curves and Angles
One flower - Three Angles
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