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"Hello......Nana, Kaya and Neo were so amazed to have confirmed that birds, in fact, talk.
..........goodbye".....that night, at bedtime, they asked "Ibong Adarna" (a Philippine folktale by an anonymous author about a mythical bird) to be read to them again - in Tagalog tongue.
Farm House #5014 A bit of plowed earth, some stubble, another day on this thin layer between dirt and sky.
My favorite - My kids :-)Evan
Glen Eyrie
19 months old
Capturing patterns in the rockI find that one aspect of my "personal style" has to do with noticing and attempting to capture patterns in rocks, on the ground, etc. when we're out hiking...
Is it a bird?
Likin' the lichen
Tree of Lifefrom my windows again
Tormented with a little bit of tone leftHere is a BW with just a hint of color. I think the BW is too cold somehow.
Breathing Fresh Air
Living in The Shadows
TormentedPhotographers as do choreographers sometimes get blocked creatively. Thank you, Joelle, for your patience.
Water balladIt's been a while since I have played around with water, so here we go. Wine glass and air bubbles. Turns out air underwater looks more like water.
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