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Lunar eclipse 3This one captures some of the lights and that's a plane flying under the moon (well, visually in the photo, that's where it is!) I really had trouble focusing all of these shots but I know it helped to bracket, use a tripod and use the timer. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to witness the eclipse, even if I didn't get the shot I wanted!
Lunar eclipse 2
Lunar eclipse 1
Hoarding the Light
Lunar EclipseShot this morning at Cold Shivers Point Colorado National Monument.
Lunar EclipseI tried to get this shot of the lunar eclipse this morning.
Kansas City Star, ColorThis is a 3 image multiple exposure, combined in PhotoShop.
Pikes Peak, CO
Star Christmas Lights
Christmas Tree Lights
Palmer Lake Star, Palmer lake, ColoradoThe Palmer Lake Christmas Star on Sundance Mountain has been part of the local landscape for the better part of the 20th century.

The five-pointed star, measuring 500 feet across and consisting of 91, 40-watt non-glare bulbs, is lighted for the month of December and on other special occasions such as the release of the hostages in Iran and the end of Desert Storm.

The star dates back to 1934, when several members of Palmer Lake came up with the idea. Construction on the project was a community effort.
Mt.Herman at night
StairsI was holding my flash in my hands and setting it off manually. Flash was set to 1/2 on this one. Again, one of those three attempts. Also, you may think this is added grunge, but no, my stairs in the back to the basement really are that gross.
multiple exposuresSo I try to revisit the multiple exposure idea and I attempted it only three times. Then it started to rain and I had to stop. This is one of the shots. Rats, it could have been so cool. I was trying to let my shoes do the walking. I had the camera on the tripod set to a two second delay, once the shutter went off, I clicked the flash, rearranged the shoes, came back, clicked the flash, and so on... The flash was set to 1/4 +3. I think I could have had it with a few more tries by playing around with the flash settings.
Swiss Christmas Market BoothI went to the market (it's only here for a little more than a week) with a friend, her children and mine. I took some shots of the market but not like I would have liked. Anyways, they were all boring except, perhaps, this one because there is an exchange of smiles. The girl has a hint of a smile back at the man in the booth.
Big Lake III
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