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FlamesShot with my new Olympus e-pl1
Zoomin' on the Golden GateThis was done on my iPhone while walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day breast cancer walk on 9/11, the last day. It's not really for voting but since nothing else is working out for me on this assignment (mostly due to lack of time), I thought I would share the day and a definite sense of motion - walking, the car(s) whizzing by, etc.
Gonna get ya!
Waiting for the trainYou can really see the fog through the window. The red and white stripes behind the mirror are from the train going by. I thought I would get more motion but as you can see, the stripes seem relatively clear. Even the guy in the truck looks bored by the moving train. Taken almost around the same time as the church shots.
Sweep!Middle photo on its own.
Broom, this is your life!F22, 1/15 sec, 17 mm and using the Canon 50D
Lauren on rollerbladesCamera on rollers and a broom attached to the camera. Lauren rolls down holding the broom and I used the cable release as I ran beside her.
Dance MovementsLas Casitas Park, Emporia - Fiesta 2011
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