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for Sue
Evening Colors - Morris County - before white balance adjustmentsUnlike the original scene, this was pretty lifeless using automatic Adobe Raw settings.
Evening Light - Morris CountyThe way the barn's roof glowed blue against the vivid warm colors of last night's sunset drew me to this scene, but all of the feeling was missing before white balance was shifted to help bring it back.
WB in RAW using the cardIt seems to me that it should not change, however, it does. Anyways, that is why I like to use my WB on the camera.
Training 4WB set directly into the camera. I like this one best out of the two.
Mac's first day of school - daylight wbAfter I posted my click balanced shot, I thought it looked a bit green still, so I went back to the raw file and chose 'daylight- cloudy with a -1 on tint to get rid of the 'green' cast. I think I like this one best now. I'd love everyone's opinion. Thanks.
Mac's first day of school - no adjustmentI took this picture using fill flash on a slightly overcast day, so the auto white balance on the camera really did not know what to do.
Mac's first day of school - correctedI did not have a gray card handy, so I click balanced on Mac's shoes. It's amazing what different results you get clicking on other whites in the picture. I found I liked the click balance on the shoes best.
Pink Roses After
Pale Pink Roses
rainbowWhitebalance more red
CloudsWhitebalance more blue
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