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Hidden trails along the wash
SanctuaryThis is in the wash below the trail where I often walk. It truly is a sanctuary for many birds and other critters. I went back this afternoon to try to get some better light and managed to get off this one shot of this space with a rabbit; unfortunately he's got that branch in front of him. I was using my tripod and waited a long time for more bunnies but alas, they weren't cooperating.
Small Stream
Water Garden
Daisies in the WoodsWhen we bought our land this spot was another dump. Full of broken bottles, beer cans full of bullet holes, etc. We had the drump removed. When walking this morning trying to find a good picture for the assignment, I saw this one daisy plant growing out of the ash.
Aspen Grove B&W
Aspen Grove
Sunflower Field
Prairie Morning #8818Intimate Landscapes assignment - A scorching summer has most of the landscape dried but I got my buns out of bed early this morning to see what happens as the rising sun back-lights the prairie vegetation.
Morning at the Weed PatchI was drawn to this patch by the fine-textured seed heads catching morning light. From a distance it looks like a vapor suspended above the other plants, so much so that I expected to find a pool of water in the middle.
Secluded Bridge
BenchI so wish the bench wasn't blue.
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