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WingsI wasn't able to shoot last week due to working extra at work. Had I been able to go anywhere to take pics just for myself, I would have gone to the zoo, aquarium or the butterfly pavilion.

The butterflies are wonderful. Beauty in motion. So, I am posting a pic I took at the butterfly pavilion when Lorin and I went last month.
high jumpMy Dad and I went fishing last weekend and I spent more time taking pics of the fish he caught then fishing myself. We both had a great time and can't wait to do it again!
Every Woman's DreamEvery mom I know speaks about the lack of quiet time. All they would like to do at the end of a hard day is to take a bath, have a glass of wine and relax ... Just For Me Time.
details of a beautiful black racing carI loved the light reflexion and the mirroring effects on this shiny black racing car that looks more like a gem than an actual racing car.
Houses of St.Ursanne reflected in the chrome of a Harley DavidsonWhat I like in this picture is the combination of oldfashioned technical detail and the reflexion of houses of this medival town.
getting ready is almost as hard as the race itselfYou will wonder why I put these 3 pictures of Urs Müller under the theme of "Just for myself". Well, the answer is simple: I would very much have liked to be in the place of Urs Müller in this superb racing car on a wonderful mountain race...
before the helmet comes the protection bonnet against burns..at the moment Urs Müller feels he will rather get burns from the equipement and the sun than from an accident
Urs Müller is almost ready for the raceIt was very hot and the drivers put their helmets on at the last minute and helpers gave them shade with an umbrella
exhaust system of a racing car at the mountain race in St.Ursanne, SwitzerlandAn exhaust system can be very complicated and technically challenging, when you want to go to the limits.
beauty in technical detailI visited a mountain racing event yesterday and was more fascinated by the beauty in technical detail than in the actual race. This is my favorite picture, I think
ReflectingVisiting art shows - it always makes me want to improve.
21.8 Pounds of SpunkMcKenzie has much more self confidence than Evan, and I suspect she will hold her own in the world.
My Name is not McKenzieMcKenzie has an amazing imagination, and is in a phase of making up names and pretending she is somebody else, that lives in Alaska, or Africa, or some other exotic place. I'm not sure where she was at this moment...
ObservationA morning at the botanical gardens and butterfly garden with my two grandsons. Always amazed at the inquirng minds of children.
Hyde BeagleI did my assignment in a 'photo essay' of photography 'just for myself'. I posted it in the assignment thread. Please find it there.
Self Portrait In HDRI've been playing around with HDR for a while and thought I'd try one with me in a "self portrait". Now I know you are suppose to use a tripod but this was a spontaneous shoot but I happend to be washing my hands in the bathroom a bit later and when I looked up from the sink I saw the look I wanted . I got my camera and stood in front of the mirror again with the bathroom lights on and my popup flash on the camera and took three exposure while holding the camera. I was pleased with the results - jack
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