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4 Wheelin'I'm not sure why seeing a 4 wheeler on the highway out in the middle of nowhere was so unexpected. Maybe I have spent too much time in the city. :) This was taken from a hay wagon being pulled by an old John Deere.
Electric ClearingThis was an unexpected sight. Nice straight path cleared for the power lines.
PupsBringing two Beagle pups home today was unexpected.
Friendly Hummingbirds!This was unexpected for me because this hummingbird let me get within about a foot away using my 105 macro lens. There were actually about 7 or 8 buzzing around.
Zebra in Colorado ??When we go to our property I give directions to turn right at the Llamas and turn left at the Zebras. Yes, we have 2 Zebras in the countryside of Colorado. This Zebra appears to be mean. There is a sweet Donkey sharing his corral and when he came over to be petted, the Zebra bit him and then barred his teeth at me when he ran by. He is beautiful though. I would have loved to take a picture of his entire body, but he wouldn't stop moving. He really needs a lot of land so he can run.
unexpected harvest of mirabellesthe weather forecast was lousy, the sunshine unexpected - and so was the generous harvest of mirabelles, a deliciously sweet French plum
Unexpected rainbowSo it's Friday evening; I'm just leaving my office at UNLV around 6 PM, drive out of the parking garage and look west towards the Las Vegas strip. There in the sky is this glimmer of a rainbow. Fortunately I had my camera and got a couple of shots before it disappeared.
Surprise Lily (Naked Lady or Lycoris Squamigera)This beautiful lily is always a surprise when it blooms. The leaves sprout in the Spring, dying back by the first warm days of late Spring and early Summer. In August, the flower stalks shoot up out of nowhere, and beautiful pink flowers flourish where there was seemingly nothing the day before. These lilies were sprouting in the undergrowth in the edges of the Woodlands Walk at Botanica gardens in Wichita. I suspect that many people walk right by on the path ten feet away without even seeing them.
A sweet momentAt the 70th birthday party this couple surprised me when her husband kissed her on the nose. It was just such a sweet moment that passed between them.
Lock MechanismI looked inside the door of an antique safe and found this beautiful mechanism. Studying the photo afterward showed it to be even richer than I suspected, with artful patterns and elegant engineering.
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