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Exploring Akpatok Canada, Nunavut, Qikiqtaaluk Region, Akpatok Island. This uninhabited island is the largest in the Ungava Bay. Tall cliffs keep polar bears near the coastline.
Original ruins ... not reconstructed!Greenland, Hvalsey (aka Whale Island). 14th century stone ruins of Hvalsey Church, Greenland's largest & best-preserved Viking period ruins.
Viking stonesGreenland, Igaliku (aka Igaliko). Small settlement located between Qaqortog & Narsarsuaq in south Greenland, population of 55. Ruins of Garoar (aka Gardar), once the religious heart of 12th century Norse Greenland, Bishop's complex.
Viking OverlookGreenland, Eric's Fjord, Brattahlid (aka Qassiarsuk). Statue of famous Norse explorer Leif Erikson (aka Erik the Lucky) who grew up here.
Greenland glacierGreenland, Southeast coast, Skjoldungen Fjord. Coastal glacier.
Summer ice inGreenland Greenland, Southeast coast, Skjoldungen Fjord. Coastal glacier.
Seeing green in Greenland #3Greenland, Qaqortoq. South Greenland's largest town with almost 3,000 inhabitants. Northern Lights.
Sorry for the poor quality, but these were shot hand held for 35 sec. from a moving ice breaker ship ... so "sharp" was really not an option!
Seeing green in Greenland #2
Seeing green in Greenland
WhiteAntarctica, Antarctic Penninsula, Antarctic Sound. White Crabeater seal on iceberg (Wild: Lobodon carcinophagus).
Brash iceAntarctica, Antarctic Penninsula, Antarctic Sound. Silversea's expedition ship the Prince Albert II, brash ice.
Type B killer whalesAntarctica, Antarctic Penninsula, Antarctic Sound. Type B Killer whales aka Orca or dwarf killer whales (Orcinus orca).
Tabular icebergAntarctica, Antarctic Penninsula, Antarctic Sound. Tabular icebergs.
CrackedAntarctica, Antarctic Penninsula, Antarctic Sound. Iceberg waterscape.
Want-to-be stowawayAntarctica, Antarctic Penninsula, Brown Bluff (63°32'S, 56°55'W). Silversea Expedition ship, Prince Albert II, Gentoo penguin (wild: Pygoscelis papua).
IceAntarctica, Antarctic Penninsula, Brown Bluff (63°32'S, 56°55'W). Iceberg waterscape with tabular ice in distance.
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