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Grilled baconI was trying to get the heat waves (like Keith asked for) bur I don't think the grill was hot enough so I got this shot of the bacon grilling for breakfast this morning.
Desert ThunderstormWe've been experiencing afternoon thunderstorms with warnings of flash flooding. As we were out trying to capture heat waves, the sky grew increasingly more threatening. While thunderstorms can be a welcome relief from the heat, they also raise the humidity -- something we desert rats often have a hard time dealing with.
SUV wheels take the heatHere is a second shot -- less mirage-like-- of an SUV heading down the highway.
Vehicular heat distortionsSo Keith challenged me to try to capture heat waves -- and indeed it was quite a challenge. We drove towards Searchlight and found several areas. Most of my shots just looked fuzzy (I think my ISO was too low for one thing - I did use a tripod but forgot to turn off image stabilization....). I need to learn more about heat waves, mirages, etc. Anyway, here is one of two images that sort of worked, even though they seem somewhat fuzzy. Would love to hear suggestions about how to do this better.
snap crackle popOne of the fireworks Evan set off
sparkleSome more of our fireworks by the barn for 4th of July
Nightshow at the ranchMy brother got some great night works which we enjoyed by the barn at our ranch.
Hot Summer MorningThis was photographed this morning looking northeast over the Flint Hills open range, Chase County, Kansas -- Heat advisories are posted today. It's 102 outside as I write this. It felt like the sun rose a little early this morning, eager to start scorching the earth. This doesn't convey the feeling as heat as strongly as the sand dunes, but it is muggy as can be out there.
This was stitched from 7 images using Panorama Factory.
Hungry?Thanks, Keith, for the nice comments on the other one but I worked on it a little bit. I wish I had an even shorter focal length, it could have been so much cooler! Our ovens are really, really tiny. If your wondering, it's apple strudel.
Fiery Searcher BeetleThis is a very tenuous connection to "heat" but I'll leave it in for a couple days anyway. It's a FIERY searcher beetle, found scurrying along the edge of some woods this afternoon.
He was 'captured' using a tripod-mounted D300 w/ Sigma 150mm macro (Bugma) using mirror lock-up and remote cable release. It sure helps with things hold still and they aren't blowing around in the wind.
FW1AFA fireworks display
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