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another motorcyclistHi Keith, here is another motorcyclist enjoying some curves. As I concentrated on having all the curves in focus, I chose a high aperture and therefore the sharpness of the moving motorcyclist is not great because of the shutter speed. But there was just no time to ajust... as so often. I tried to sharpen him a bit.
Soft CurvesTaken today at the Botanica Gardens in Wichita, Kansas. Hope you enjoy - jack
dry stone wall in the JuraI decided to post this S-curve" as well. It shows a model dry stone wall at the entrance of a village as an advertisement to re-learn the old trade of building dry stone walls. The Jura is very, very rich in stones and the farmers used to build enclosures and boundaries with those stones. It is quite an art to build those walls to last without mortar.
I added this totally unspectacular S-curve in contrast to the "motorcyclist's delight". I now see S-curves everywhere!
depending on the topography, even wheat is planted in S-curves
such S-curves are a motorcyclist's delight
Letting off energy before the performanceI went to the UNLV campus this evening to see whether the "serpentine" walk leading to the Education building might work for this assignment. There was a dance recital about to begin and I managed to catch there two girls at the end of the walk (and the S).
A Trio of bike racksA different perspective on S curves. Wasn't sure if this counts but I was trying to capture the sense of the S leading the eye into the frame with the 3 bike racks.
An evening stroll through the desert gardenThis is one of my favorite places on campus. Hopefully the combination of the light, the orange flowers and the S lead the eye into the frame.
SSSSSSSSSSSSSFound this guy crossing the road during a recent Photo Meet-Up outing west of Rama, CO
From the other direction.
Evening Curves
Rhubarb LeafIt seems like everywhere I look I see some kind of "S-Curve"
Wet roads
Following the CurvesThis is the sidewalk we follow on our morning walks.
The splash of the water drop and the ripple underneath create a nice scurve
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