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Mother and DaughterThis is my aunt and my cousin. You'll notice the camera was set to -1EV. I forgot to change it. Had to bump this up one in view nx.
Wet WillieWilliam is a little blue in this picture but he was a little red before we left.
Cousin ShirleyWe have the same birthday.
Spring Fork Lake
Shotgun Playground
Stained glass - Anti HDROur church has beautiful stained glass windows behind the altar; however they're more than my camera can handle. So, I recomposed this shot of my friends who's baby was baptized today to take the windows out of the shot. I think there is enough symbolism to 'place' them in the church without the distraction of the blown out windows. I did get a good exposure on the windows and plan to blend the shot in photoshop so they can have the full scene--just a lot more work :-)
From shade to sun
If we only had some horsesI saw this wagon this morning on our morning walk and thought it might fit the assignment?
In the heat of the desert 1Here is the first of 2 images from our day at Red Rock at not the best time of the day for photography. But the histogram does show a range and I think I succeeded in avoiding blow-outs.
In the heat of the desert 2Everything felt hot, dry, and somewhat stark in the bright noontime sunlight out at Red Rock. I'm not sure if this qualifies as dynamic range or not but building on the conversation with Jamie about the assignment, since this was pretty much all in the sun, I focused in on this small scene and hopefully captured enough of a range.... It seems a bit grainy so maybe you explain how/why?
Pink "hat" summer at Perdido Key"don't worry, I'm just borrowing Nana's hat", said Neo.
InseparablesI'm not sure if this can still be classified as high DR scene after I lifted the shadows in CNX2. I'm amazed how the matrix metering system of this D7K nails the exposure everytime - I'm now convinced that it performs better (and instantaneous) than my way of manual exposure which allows me not to worry about exposure anymore and just concentrate on composition and focusing after I have pre-selected the DOF for the scene/subject. In aperture priority and autoISO (max at 800), it always preserves highlights and does not go slower than my set minimum shutter speed in lower-light scenes. Then I do the rest in CNX2. BTW, this was taken 2 weeks ago in Perdido Key, Fl.
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