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BikeI was going to put this in travel since I have been traveling by bike lately, but it's the only one I used flash for. :) The sb900 was camera left pointed straight up using the built in bounce card. It was sitting on the ground with the little stand that came with it. I tried it with the flash pointed directly at the bike but it lit up the ground way too much. The flash on the d7000 was used too. This was also more layer mask practice.
Motley CrewWe photographed the farewell service and dinner of one of our pastors today and I caught this lively crew in action. I love bounce flash for the soft shadows produced when you get a layering of people. Direct flash causes harsh shadows from one person on another. For this shot I was using the bounce/fill card pulled up on the external flash as well.
Are we done yet?This was an earlier shot before getting engaged with the iPad.
iPad TimeAnother shot with Ash on the floor moving through kids' games.
Math GamesI tried Clay's flash (sorry, I forget the number/details) and conned Ashlynn into posing for a photo shoot but she got tired of that pretty quickly. So I just set up the tripod down low and started shooting whatever I could get as she was engaged with my iPad. Would love feedback/suggestions about these shots....what I could have done differently.
Formal Night on the Cruise(Bounce flash off the ceiling.)
Sign of the crossI know that the whites were blown out on her hair but I like that about this shot. The flash came from behind and above the children and I had the bouncy thing on my camera without the flash turned on. I used a trigger connected to the side of the camera for the flash to set off above and it turned out really cool for most of the children. It gave a surreal effect to each kid. I took a shot that had this effect on every child but there is something about this one, perhaps it was the expression of the little girl, I don't know, but it is my favorite.
Hello EveryoneFinally got the chance to be included in a photo with the family this past Mother's Day. Nikon SB-900 flash on a bracket (Promediagear Boomerang), Gary Fong lightsphere diffuser; bounced to the ceiling at 90 degree; i-TTL, rear curtain; AutoWB in camera (changed to "Flash F-GL2" in CNX2).
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