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Kansas RoadsideThis is a combination of two different exposures. I must have bumped the camera just a smidge while changing the shutter speed. The fence is a little blurry because the two images didn't line up perfectly. The others were the same image with different exposure adjustments layered in photoshop.
Juneau - Alaska capital and cruise ship capitalThis is straight out of the camera - even no sharpening -- just changed the color space and reduced the resolution for the web. Yep, I'm tired tonight and heading to bed :-) But, I thought this really captured what a unique town Juneau is. Of course, the locals would not recognize this as there are no clouds and mist! We were blessed with one sunny, gorgeous day there!
DenaliThis one is for Marilyn.
We were much closer to the foothills in the foreground than we were to Denali (Mt. McKinley), so the foothills look larger by comparison. We were about 70 miles (112 Km) from Denali for this shot. We got slightly closer later in the day, but by that time the mountain was more obscured by the haze.
Farm lifeMy kids laughed at me for taking a photo of a horse's butt.
BrothersOr sisters, but they look like little boys to me. Today was a nicer day and I took the kids out, we saw these goats on the side of the road so I took a shot or two.
Mt. McKinley/DenaliWe couldn't believe our good fortune to be able to see this famous mountain from 40 miles away. It's huge! My dad had commented that lots of things had changed in Alaska since he was stationed in Fairbanks as a young lieutenant in 1947-48 -- but that he was pretty sure McKinley would still be just as impressive!
Calving GlacierWe witnessed 10-12 episodes of a piece of the glacier breaking off -- calving -- into the bay. There's no way that a photo can capture the experience, in part because you miss the crashing and exploding sounds. I have sequences that will be fun to put together to try to re-create the episodes.
Greens of Kenai One of our favorite spots on the land tour was Kenai. The many shades of green were just astounding. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to not blow out the sky and haven't had time to go through too many photos yet but wanted to share the sense of spring green that added to the allure of the Kenai peninsula area.
Serenity in College FjordI thought Mendenhall Glacier and Glacier Bay were awesome, but was truly inspired by the peace and beauty that stood around us in College Fjord. Within this fjord there are glaciers named after US colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth....I think this is mainly Harvard but need to check my facts. I loved the pieces of ice floating and the reflections.
Glacier BayI was totally awestruck by the wonders of the glaciers as we cruised around Glacier Bay -- the stillness of the water, the deep crevices of time, the mystical blues of recent calving of ices.
Mendenhall Glacier
overall view of cloister and church of St. Ursanne, SwitzerlandWhere the monks once walked, today tourists visit, artists display their work and musicians perform and make use of the unique atmosphere of this place.
cloister and church of St. Ursanne, SwitzerlandSt. Ursanne was founded by monks sent out across Europe by St.Pattrick of Ireland. The town dates back to the 9th century. There is a timelessness to the old buildings and yet in many ways it has not kept up with the times. Every 2 years, a mediaeval festival is held here.
reflections of tranquillityThese cloisters were built in the early 12th century in St.Ursanne in the Canton of Jura, Switzerland. They underwent major renovations in 1551 (!). For 900 years, people have walked here to find tranquillity and answers to the big and small questions of us humans. We have the privilege to do the same, even today. I like returning here because I can sense the peace. It is, in a way, holy ground. Here the summer light reflects against the worn pathway of the cloisters and draws you in.
Trees in summer mist at the top of the Creux du Vau cliffWe did not see much of the impressive Creux du Vau cliff (Neuchatel, Switzerland)- it was too misty, but these trees gave the place an eerie atmosphere. It was definitely worth the climb of 3 hours.
Flower standEven on a yucky day, you can always pick up flowers in the middle of nowhere... You can't read the white sign even when you are there in person. It says that you can buy fresh strawberries.
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