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BicyclingJust a quick snapshot of my wife on my old bike. I bought a new bike recently so now the whole family can ride together. That bike and I have been together longer than my wife and I have been married. lol
Soden's Grove ParkKids can travel around the park on a little train. It wasn't running this day.
Dirt RoadI took this to practice using layer masks in photoshop. Dave was kind enough to give me some lessons yesterday. Thanks Dave! I need more practice but I got what i was hoping for with this.
And we got to see Denali!Just your classic 'line 'em up' travel shot, but I was so excited that we actually could see the top of Denali (Mt. McKinley), that I begged everyone to line up for a shot. I should have gotten my fill flash to work right, but I caved under pressure and just tried to fix shadows in post processing.
Area of SchwyzAgain, during our little road trip. We had a nicer day today.
Locomotive ReflectionsOn the White Pass Railway ride, I discovered I could stand outside and occasionally, if I was lucky, could capture reflections in the windows. This is one of the clearer ones.
Through the tunnelHere's some of the rest of the journey from Skagway to White Pass. The scaffolding seemed amazing to me. It was great fun to stand outside in the back of the last car and try to capture the scenery as we sped by.
White Pass RailwaySkagway Alaska
young mountain goat above the cliffs of Creux du Vau, SwitzerlandThe fog and mist had one advantage: a clear background for my main subject and the lush vegetation.
mother and young mountain goat above the cliff at Creux du VauOur outing led us up for 3 hours to the top of the remarkable cliffs of the Creux du Vau. We were not rewarded by the view of the cliffs as they remained totally in the mist and fog - but you can get a sens of the steepness of the cliff in this photo - the drop is almost vertical for several hundred meters. This does not seem to worry this mother mountain goat and her young.
On the TrainThe wind in my hair
Drinking in the sights and sounds
Exploring my world
M&Ms?Nope, just a way to get up the mountain!
Saying GoodbyeLeaving the Trail Ridge Road at Rocky Mountain National Park.
Pedestrians AheadOur trip to Rocky Mountain National Park! We drove up to the top of Trail Ridge Road which still had places with over 20 feet of snow!
Expensive Travel
Cheaper Air Travel........with your adrenaline mileage
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