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screen shot (adjusted for clipped R&B channels)After conversion to sRGB from ProPhotoRGB which resulted to clippings in R & G channels, I opened Adjust>Color>LCH>Master Lightness; opened View>Show lost highlights; mapped the clipped R & B channels at the corresponding "Master Lightness" histogram (solid dot on the right upper part of the linear curve of the histogram) then compressed this area by dragging the solid dot downward until the clipped R & B channels (on the "Show lost highlights" window) disappeared which took 3 clicks on the down-arrow keyboard.
Relaxing by the window light
Screen shotHello Keith, sorry for the delay. As you can see, there's no clipping. Thanks, btw, for the screen shot tutorial - I used the Window 7 "snipping tool".
Give me ice cream and I'll pose(Posed with one window just to McKenzie's right side, and one window directly in front of her (but a little further away).
Hi Jaime, Here's a screen shot of your image of Neo opened in Capture NX2 with "show lost highlights" selected and a display of the red channel of the histogram. I think the clipped red channel is preventing the skin tones on Neo's face from looking as good as they could if the red channel wasn't clipped. I do experience this sometimes when converting images to sRGB color space, which has a limited gamut in the red channel, and sometimes have to compensate by pulling the exposure down a little before converting to sRGB.
The Silence of Our Light
Anna, the older sister of Alisha by the windowI would appreciate a critical appraisal of those first attempts of portraits in a set situation with some pannels. How can I improve the light? Thanks for honest feedback!
AlishaTwo of my grandchildren were visiting for a few days. Here is Alisha, the princess who was waiting for the prince at the tower last week. She needed some persuation to sit still by the window - and I made it difficult for her as portrait photography in a set environment is new for me and it took a while... The pannel in the background and one to reflect the window light on her face I made after a visit in Michèle's studio - boy was I impressed. Lots to learn!
Lauren's 1st Communion DayI am so sorry I have no time for comments and stuff right now, I will make up for it very soon. Thank you, Keith, for the lovely comments on the assignment.
Trying to recall
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