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Wasps 'n SmokeAt the edge of a burning field two wasps smell the smoke and think it's love, occasionally caressing each others antenna.
BurnSpring range burn - Lyon County, Kansas
Is that a fish eye lens?Evan's first pet - Goldie the goldfish in its new home - taken with Keith's help (he held the remote flash and found his 28mm close up lens for me to use). Evan won the fish at the grade school's carnival--oh the fun we have ahead!
walking away!My two granddaughters are amazed at the size of the tail of this dynosaur
dare we touch the dynosaur?Near Porrentruy lots of traces of dynosaurs were found. This model stands in the middle of a round about!
princess in waitingafter THE WEDDING we decided to go to the castle of Porrentruy in the hopes of finding prince charming for our granddaughter
Winding pathI thought I'd try this in color and mono to see what folks think....
Branching perspectivesUsing Clay's wide angle lens, and getting down low (with a tripod of course!) to try to get the a good angle on the foreground made this trip to Red Rock an adventure in photography!
Metro lineme and my cellphone again
Reflected mallowClay held the reflector on this one....
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