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Erwin - BW versionThis portrait been through a number of permutations. The original image had his truck in the background, but his burn-charred fields were composited in to provide a better context. (Thanks Keith for your suggestions). When I met Mr. Hancock he was finishing up moving his cattle and was still covered with soot from an evening prairie burn. The process of taking spontaneous portraits of strangers always feels a little fragile. But he was a good-hearted man and I enjoyed meeting him. In the spirit of "balance" the background elements were positioned & adjusted to harmonize well with the portrait while giving a sense of "place".
Balancing between thorns 2I was having some serious dust/dirt issues with my camera and need to take it in to get it cleaned. So I pulled the spotty images into the Aperature Editing program (Mac) to try to get rid of the yucky stuff. Unfortunately I guess I pulled in the coverted pictures and by the time Aperature further reduced their size, I see that the ones I uploaded are pretty small. I clearly have a lot to figure out!!
Balance by curvesIn addition to the fact that I was balancing on my back in the gravel to get this shot, I was struck by the balance achieved by the curves of the woman's arm, the curves of the fan.... There's also -- I think -- a diagonal balance from her lower arm on the right along the edge of the fan. Maybe also a play of light and dark? PS -- please see note on this same image in my Playing Around gallery. I had a problem with dirt in my camera and/or lenses and tried to fix with Aperature but my images submitted in the Balance assignment are way small. I put bigger ones in the Playing Around gallery.
Ocatillo & contrails
Dancing woman
Hunting EggsWe went to a community Easter egg hunt yesterday. Sun was bright. I needed Keith's light setup, on wheels, with a remote control. :) This is my youngest boy, Michael.
Candy Spotted!Michael found lots of candy at the egg hunt.
Boy in the GrassI don't know this boy but he was running along behind his mother then grabbed a dandelion and plopped down in the grass to blow the seeds.
rape seed above the village of Alle in the JuraI prefer this picture to the last one because the golden rule (you remember? the relation between the diagonale and the sidew of a pentagon) is applie twice: between the yellow and the rest of the picture and between the trees plus fields and the mountais/ sky.
rape seed in full bloom above our village of Alleagain I have tried to balance the sublte greens of the trees and the grass behind against the bright yellow of the rape seed and the black of the soil in between. Here, the golden rule is also applied in a radical way (between yellow and the rest)
rape seed starting to flower above our villageBalance between subtle and bright, but most of all: the proportions of the golden rule give this picture balance
Jose Rinilla - JockeyHe saw me talking his photo and he gave me a moment.
Gosh! So little and I already have a gut!Some moms know how to dress you so you are cool.
Hurry up Daddy!Another week of not getting out to shoot. Was going to this weekend, but haven't been feeling well. Guess I am not a real photographer yet since I don't shoot through the pain :-)

Anyway, revisiting some Yellowstone pics. Playing with Content Aware in Photoshop a little bit.
Portrait in the ParkPracticing my portrait photography with a friend in the park today. I like how this shot captured some background elements that helped balance my friend in the picture without having to put her in the middle of the frame. This is a crop from the original that had her full body in it and much more background. I think this crop draws the viewer's eye to her as the main subject better than the original picture.
balancing off the middle
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