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What little boys are made ofEvan was delighted to help me with my macro assignment by carefully holding the tiny frog he and Dad caught down at my parent's sand pit. I took tons of pictures of the frog in his hands, on the sand, and in the grass. This was the single shot I got of this scene and was immediately my favorite of the series.
Shaping GlassYesterday was the Glass Blowout on Campus.
Cactus Flower
Hanging OnRevisiting the catepillars from my mom's house. Went to a lighting photo shoot and forgot about the macro challenge so I am working some of my pics from AZ. Hope you like them.
Orchid 2 Highly magnified orchid
Orchid 1Highly magnified orchid
Macro - DandelionChaos in dandelion world - This might've made a decent video as the sunlight flashed in the filaments.
Antique baby doll slippersThese tiny slippers, from my grandmother Neely's side of the family, make me smile whenever I look at them in my doll cabinet.
From my kitchen windowNot sure how macro this is, but I think it works. The little stained glass heart from my niece Lindsay hangs in my kitchen window where I have a view into the backyard....
narcissour garden is full of nacisses. They have more scent than colour. I know this is not really a marco shot, but the closest I can get with my Nikor 18-200mm. I realise now how much I miss my beautiful Olympus macro lens I use on my OM2 and OM4 cameras!
Lens candle light all cleaned upSatisfied Keith and Chris ?
Candle light macro 3Lens: Micro-NIKKOR 55mm 3.5 shot at 8
Candle light macro 2
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