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Statue BokehI didn't get a good bokeh shot this week. I should have used Lorin's fast lens, but never got a chance with everything going on. So, I looked through my files and found this night shot I took in January of a statue in front of some lights.
Double TulipI didn't get quite the Bokeh I was hoping for, but you do with what you've got :-)
Red fairy dusterI was entranced by the delicacy of the fairy duster and intrigued by the way the yellow flowers and leaves in the background worked as bokeh. We caught this and other images on the UNLV campus yesterday. In spite of the wind that seemed to be coming from all directions, was excited that quite a few images (amongst several hundred) worked. Learned a lot about bokeh, and loved playing with Clay's lens. Other shots in my Photo Shoots gallery
Lady bug & lavenderThere was a little patch of lavender in front of a variegated yucca (I think). This lady bug and I managed to find a moment of stillness.
Cholla fruitOn a windy day heavier flora sure is easier to capture, even with a tripod! I liked the way the bokeh worked out for this one.
Morning Bud - BokehBeing a newbie I had never heard of this term before. I did a little bit of googling and I came across this interesting debate about the definition for "bokeh". http://www.flickr.com/groups/sony_alpha/discuss/72157610059864874/ Some say, bokeh is just tiny blurry circles in the background, some said it is more pleasing background with blurred outlines of the object. Am not sure if this falls under the category "Bokeh", but it was worth the try!
Pure BokehJust playing around. I saw this through the viewfinder when I was playing with the different settings, trying to create a pleasing background. Straight from the camera with no post processing (except resizing for web).
Quince Bokeh 1Shot almost wide open using the Sigma 150mm macro, and back-lit by sunset falling across my back yard
Glass TreesI saw a couple dozen of these odd sculptures made from glass plates in the storefront window of a closed-down business in Topeka and shot them through the window .
TulipsTaken with the 200-400mm f4 "macro." :)
Using a telephoto allowed me to shoot with a much narrower field of view. Therefore I was able to move back from the primary flower and frame the scene so that the other tulips were in the background. The wider field of view with my 85mm macro wouldn't have allowed this framing. I was able to get a soft background because there was sufficient separation (about 0.5m) between the foreground flower and the ones in the background.
The Floor is LavaFrom last night. Was able to get up close with the 50mm. I've come to understand the complaints I have read on the internet about the 50mm f1.4g. I still love it but it has trouble autofocusing in low light. It was a little frustrating but not terrible.
Cat Bokeh
Little birdJust a sweet little bird in a tree.
After the rain.These photos were taken along a path in a wooded area where I walk my dog.
Apr├Ęs la pluie, le beau tempsAfter the rain, the sun came out. I thought I would mess around during my walk with Tashi
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