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Barbed wireI saw this barbed wire and thought how fragil we are if we or any animal tangle with it!
Wine For SaleGlass is fragile, right? Not sure this really meets the goal of the assignment, hadn't posted anything in a while. Hope you like it.
Took this one for the paper but it wasn't used. We did a story about a proposed new law and how it might affect store owners. Business can be fragile too I guess.
Spring Snow StormPeter Pan Park - Emporia, KS - Huge flakes are falling across the area this evening, but it's has a fragility about it. It's soft and wet, enough to nurture the new life but not cold enough to do harm.
Respecting fragility: Books, family, and democracyMy Grandmother McKinney passed on this 4-volume set - THE WRITINGS OF THOMAS JEFFERSON (1829), clearly treasured by generations in her family. A lover of books, sadly she had Alzheimers in the last years of life; thus the fragility connection. I was also struck by the facsimile of the Declaration of Independence and reminded of the fragility of the democratic process, with connections to recent revolts in the middle east. Fragility is a balance encompassing possibilities of strength found in respect.
LifeEat or be eaten. Life is fragile... Especially for that little bird. This is one of those shots where I did not have the right lens on me. I was going to just take the hands of a very elderly lady I know drinking tea but with a very shallow DOF that would define her hands. She was not home and when I saw this, I only had my 100 mm macro lens on me. So, let's call it a photo essay! The filename is actually the "Rapperswil Massacre" My daughter chose the title "Life".
Young MindsWe want them to explore, but are poised to spring to their rescue when they get too close to the edge.
FragileA small blow of wind can put off this tiny candle. I am disappointed with the smoke though! Do leave your comments which could have made this picture a better one.
PrecessionYou give a strong pull on the string of a toy spintop and the force becomes embodied in swirling momentum. It buzzes and spins in its graceful state, until - as is the way of things - the energy gradually spills away. The top begins to sway drunkenly on its point. That's how he walks now. It's his 85th birthday, and walking alongside him I want to keep my arms ready to catch him. But he doesn't like that, someone hovering over him like he's a child. So I hold back a ways to respect his dignity.
Mama's ReminderOK, so Lorin finally got out of the way and stopped hogging the baby birds :-)

I liked the feather in this one. I'm known for overcropping, so this pic fits in with my style :-) . Lorin had the tripod so this is hand held (I know, I know, I broke the first rule we learned in Yellowstone).
daffodilsremember the daffodil piercing through the leaves? Two weeks later some are standing tall and flowering, two are already blown over by the wind. Life is fragile...
hanging by a threadMy grandson is loosing some of his first teeth. A painful process? From his expression it seems a mixture between the fascination of a changing body and the fear of loosing something...
ready for the World!Mom left several times today, or at least we noticed today :-)
Life is Fragile
Focused on MommaI needed to get a "Focal Point" pic for a different challenge. I liked the way momma bird looks with this close crop. Don't think I would have cropped this close if it wasn't for the other challenge, but now I kinda like it.

All critique is welcome. I can't get better unless you tell me what needs to be fixed.
New LifeMom finaly flew off and left us a clear view!
by a threadI'm in AZ and spring is spinning up...
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