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Sea Wall #2 - fixedI made a boo-boo in the other one. The grass on the horizon got blurred along the way somehow.
Original caption: The central plains are an ancient sea bed. Even in its present state the grassy expanse is compared to an ocean. Winds course across it in waves, and blades spill over the remnants of limestone walls like a tide rolling in.
"Waiting to exhale"
"Ibon man may layang lumipad (Even birds are free to fly)........kulungin mo at umiiyak (Cage them and they will cry). Bayan pa kayang sakdal dilag (What more for a nation so beautiful). Ang 'di magnasang makaalpas (Would She not yearn to be free)?" - from the Philippines' folk song "Ang Bayan Ko" (My Country) composed in 1929 by the Filipino patriot, Jose Corazon de Jesus.
Three Generations of BabiesMcKenzie recently received a wonderful gift from Grandma --the babydoll Grandma played with as a child.--(I too got to play with Grandma's babydoll, so it has see a lot of loving!) A while back I gave her the doll I played with (in red). I caught this shot one morning last week--not set up, but I thought the babies and McKenzie formed a nice triangle in the composition once I cropped the frame. Guess my 'insightful' study this week is on babies :-)
Take time to care for the babiesAfter seeing Lars' great study on our fast paced life, I was observing McKenzie and our wonderful Miss Gladys so carefully taking care of all of McKenzie's babies and I reflected on how important it is for us to 'take time to care for the babies'. I couldn't get the composition I really envisioned and I did not want to pose them, but this one came closest.
Running Through Life
Faster, faster!A child I met in the grocery store this morning.
Food in the fast lane!You wouldn't believe the looks I got trying some different kinds of shots out. Why does shopping have to be sooooo boring?! Now you have some "insight" on my shopping habits.
Two WorldsTwo photos in one. The lower one farmland waiting for spring, ready to pass from the brown of winter to the green of spring. The upper one the silhouette of a thriving, major American city.
Tin-clad ShedIt's interesting, sometimes, to see what is pulled into the mix to hold a farm together, the pragmatism and creativity of keeping things running. I once saw a fence made out of old bed springs. You do with what you have. This was changed to a black & white image, given a touch of toning, then a bit of the original color blended back in until it had the feeling I wanted.
In BetweenI tried to create an image that Dave would be proud of. (No twigs were removed in the creation of this image. :) )
Alice Turquoise: Demonstrating Spinning of woolThis Navajo weaving demo (we also saw a basket weaver) was a bit challenging in terms of lighting and scrunching in between people. But I was able to get some that I really liked. I put some others in my gallery -- playing around. Would love some comments about what I could have done related to flash, settings, etc. The clothing looks overly sharpened but I didn't sharpen - and I did use flash but forgot bracketing.
Navajo rug weaverWe visited the Lost City Museum in Overton yesterday. There 82 year old Alice Turquoise provided insight into her craft of weaving, something she has done since she was a child.
Big MoneyI believe this is architectural piece taken off a building that was to be razed. It reminds me that many American coins have had the eagle on them. The Washington Quarter has been around since 1932. There have been so many others. The Liberty Walking Half Dollar (1916-1947), the Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-Present), the Standing Liberty Quarter (1916-1930), etc.
Yes Father, I Understand...I found this to be insightful from the standpoint of the lion cub looking to his father and learning from his experience on how to survive.. The photo was taken at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas.
Home OfficeA glimpse in the world of the "working from home" mom. A special thanks to my models, Viviane and Pippo.
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