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Morning lapsThis was taken at the Berkeley City Club pool, designed by Julia Morgan (Hearst Castle architect) as I wrapped up a weekend of reading funding applications for National Writing Project sites. No tripod with me and I was in a hurry....but it's a shot anyway....
Evening stroll in the forest with our electro bikeThank you for this assignment. It makes me experiment with new (light-) situations and camera options I have never used in the past (here ISO 2000). The result shows I am not yet experienced - compared to some of the really hot shots already on display. This is ok - I am learning! I also realise I rather go for my own sports activities than visit sports events with ihe multiple opportunities to get action shots!
Up!This one makes me smile. I'm trying out how to make frames with a keyline.
You spin me right round, baby, right round.Still trying to find action-looking shots.
Pink PantherThese guys were spinning.
High KickI took this the day I picked up my Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 (11-27-2010). Was just messing around trying to see what the lens would do. No flash or tripod, handheld sitting in the bleechers. Shutter 1/160, Aperture f2.8, ISO 1600, Focal length 75mm,
Originalf/2.8 is the widest aperture of the Nikkor 70-200mm v.1; 1/500s was the slowest shutter speed that I thought would freeze Kaya's action. 14-bit NEF converted to JPEG, sRGB.
+3EV in CNX2
Part I: Original (as shot)14-bit NEF converted to JPEG, sRGB and resized. f/5.6 is the widest aperture that the combo Nikkor 70-200mm/2.8 V.1 + TC-2.0 (III) can deliver; 1/1000s was the slowest shutter speed that I thought would freeze the subjects. Focus settings: AF-C mode, Dynamic 9-points AF-Area, Focus tracking with lock-on (Norma).
Part II: +4EV pull in CNX2Just wanted to share that with the D7K, one doesn't have to compromise anymore her/his required aperture and shutter speed and worry about noise with high ISO. Just make sure that you don't overexpose even though D7K's highlight headroom is +3.8EV in JPEG (probably +4EV in NEF - I haven't tried this much). The other major practical problem as pointed out by Keith is - how to evaluate sharpness when the rendered JPEG image in the camera's LCD is so dark.
Sunset diveThis was shot at sunset at a very poorly lit pool with no flash ISO 3200 1/1000 6.3 I do a lot of work at indoor pools and the lighting is awful. I do like the light in this photo and I froze the dive pretty well.
Backstroke startThis photo was taken at an indoor swim meet last week. ISO 2500 1/1000 3.2 I wanted to freeze the drops of water. At the athletic events I shoot I do not use flash so that the athletes are not startled. I like the symetry of this shot.
Donkeys horseing aroundI went our looking for the local Elk herd this morning and they were nowhere to be found. On the way home I saw these Donkeys and got a few shots in low light so the morning wasn’t a total loss.
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