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A short story on "Implied Leading Lines". Part I: The LookNana's contemplating on her strategy...
Part II: The SlopeIt speaks for itself.
Part III: The Sitting Mantis Stance. ..And oops she goes...not bad for a first-timer with only 2 hrs of instruction and practice before. Disclosure: Nana wanted to start at the top of the slope; The Mom choked and almost had a heart attack; they agreed on a compromise - at the middle of the slope.
Part IV: The Bear Creek Mountain Resort at Mucangie, PA.
By way of an Epilogue: The Ice CakesNana and Kaya have never experienced snow before, so they flew to NYC on Jan 25 AM and stayed at Times Square. The snowstorm came that same evening and so they came out from their hotel and touched, felt and tasted the cotton-balls-liked snow falling from the sky at Times Square, nothing else mattered that night to them. The following days before I joined them on the evening of Jan 27, they were just overwhelmed - sled sliding at Central Park with their first-cousins from NYC, wishing to have been allowed at Rockefeller Ski Ring, The American Museum of Natural History, The Lion King broadway show etc - and I missed all the fun. This picture was taken at the backyard of my sister who lives in Holland, Pa - about 64 miles from the Bear Creek Mountain Resort
Lines of History
Inspired by everyone's implied leading lines compositions
Leafs On BoardPhoto of fallen leafs placed on a wood texture background. Really liked the lines within the leaf and the curve of the stem along with the curvy edges. Enjoy - jack
Cloud ShadowYesterday evening a few fragile clouds marked the sky over the Kansas Flint Hills. The setting sun created a shadow path below one of the closer clouds. That's what caught my eye, the mix of clouds do form an implied leading line helping to direct attention to the gold hills and lake nestled below.
The white way into darkness--at the end of the road is a graveyard
a replica of a celtic cross from Ireland hanging in our entry hallA totally different approach than the railway line, but is it really less strong? I think the fine designs carved in the cross lead just as much to the centre as the cross beams - the centre of our Christian heritage and faith. I have probably chosen this subject because my mother died last monday (at 93). I was busy grieving, organising the funeral etc. That is why I did not comment your fabulous photos of the last assignment. I might do it later.
railway track in our village on a frosty morning with a shy January sunare the implied leading lines of the sleepers and of the electric masts and lines enhancing or distracting the main leading lines?
I just gotta be me...Ok, I had a feeling I had to crop this differently because I want to emphasize the implied line between the girl on the left with her hand to her forehead looking at the girl to her right almost like through the lens of a camera. (From the hand directly to the face of the girl with her mouth open.) I think the real lines take away from that in the full photograph. I guess if I have to explain it, it isn't an obvious implied line as I thought. These were just some kids playing on the ice across the street. Justin is feeling better. I now rented a machine that gives him an inhalation treatment at home. His breathing is much better.
Target Practice
Old Town
Exploration PlaceI had fun photographing all the geometric shapes at Exploration Place today, but I had a tough time finding a scene that didn't have strong leading lines. This one has some "implied" leading lines in addition to the "real" ones.
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