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Hard LaborMyanmar (aka Burma), Mandalay. One of the hardest jobs in Burma (one of the poorest countries in the world) is the "street builders" ... they carry rocks and sometimes boulders all day ... every day, in monsoon rains & opressive heat for less than 10 cents a day. Young and old alike wait in line to get a job doing this work! The very same day I shot this, I got an email from an old freind who has been out of work for over a year ... and just turned down $40 per hour job ... hummmm, makes you think!
OutsideIt was quite cold here this week and McKenzie longed to go outside in the snow. She was persistent and out we went!
FavelaFavelas are associated with extreme poverty. Brazil's favelas can be seen as the result of the unequal distribution of wealth in the country. Brazil is one of the most economically unequal countries in the world with the top 10 percent of its population earning 50 percent of the national income and about 34 percent of all people living below the poverty line. Drug sales and use run rampant in these areas run by local gangs. Drug Lords ensure residents remain loyal to them by tightly controlling their lives and protecting them from the authorities.
Favela - Electrical Death TrapsIn the Favelas (slums) in Brazil, residents will climb electrical poles, tap into live electrical wires and steal the electricity. Not only is this very dangerous from the standpoint of getting shocked, but it also presents an extreme fire hazard in an area of the city that is not well served by emergency response vehicles. It is one telling indicator of the desperate lives these residents lead.
Come Play!!Our dog, Foxy, LOVES to play in the snow. I threw the toy then jumped behind the camera to get a few pics. Foxy enjoyed it no matter the reason...
Canon 40D
Lense Tameron 70-200 f2.8
ISO - 100
f - 4.0
Shutter - 1/1250
zoom - 200mm
Smokers?I have had a few friends who passed away from long cancer. It’s amazing that smokers just don’t get it that cigarettes are bad for their health.
I will always be with you!Playing with long exposures during our week in Denver to create a ghosting effect.
20 Years of MarriageLorin and I celebrated our 20th year of marriage December 2010!
3-day Breast Cancer WalkThis is one from my files -- the Susan G. Komen 3-day Breast Cancer Walk in Phoenix (11/07) - no time to shoot this week (dropped my cell phone in the toilet and am about to buy a new iPhone). This was my 2nd walk (20 miles p/day), raising $$ for breast cancer research. Powerful stories of survivors, of courage.. My friend Alison and I walked in memory of Kitty, a very dear friend who passed away. We were able to get a school named for her! I like the celebratory feel.
ambulance in the hills of NepalThis man carries a sick woman to the nearest health post. It might take him 1 to 6 or more days walk on rocky and steep paths. Pictures like this one taken in 1979 while trekking to vist development projects in the hills of Nepal have certainly radically changed and shaped my beliefs and values: I spent my whole professional carreer in development aid progrmmes aiming at meeting the most basic needs of the poorest people. It has also affected my own lifestyle. What are my basic needs? Smaller than we think!
Shop sign in Nazi Germany"Jews are not served here" - this simple shop sign from Nazi Germany photographed in the Jewish Museum in Berlin gave a frightening message that changed the minds and lives of millions of people dramatically. Even though the sign is flaky, rosting and somehow bent, the mindset that people different from us are of lesser worth is still around today. This sign reminds us what disastruous effect this kind of thinking has on oppressed as well as on the oppressors.
A rainy day, every day.Cancer kills indiscriminately. Today is a rainy day and I took this photo in the atmosphere it deserves. Here is a grave of a five-year old boy that died two years ago in our small town. This would have been a much powerful photo had I included the entire grave with the boy's faded photo and toys that are lain on the cross above. However, because I do not know the family well, I felt that including any details about the boy would not be the right thing to do at this time. I could have asked permission, however, I know this is still very fresh in their hearts because of the christmas decorations that are surrounding the grave. Just asking might have caused pain, therefore I decided to not invade their privacy by cropping out the top. I still feel this is a powerful photo because of the little details. The sunshine print on the stone made by the boy in kindergarten. The Leggo Viking and other small toys laying about; but the christmas tree is what affected me most. I don't know if it is a compelling photo, but it compelled me to hug my kids a little tighter.
Winter FeedingTaking care of the horses during a winter storm.
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