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Lauren skating with the big boys (It's a Montreal thing to do...) V.2I lightened Lauren's face. I like it better. I only want to keep this version, I think. However, what do you think?
Anderson MemorialEmporia, Kansas - This is one of the old Carnegie Libraries, until recently used as an archives for Emporia State University.
Valentine CardEarly Valentine's Day decorations warm up a chilly winter morning. The red streak along the bottom is from a passing automobile.
Guardian Angel Bryce Canyon National Park. This majestic tree was right on the edge of the canyon. With the canyon’s hoodoos as a backdrop it bombarded me with questions. Why is there one tree like this right on the edge? Is it the last remnant of an ancient forest? What stories from the past could it tell me? Why …..
Fractures and reflectionsOut beyond the waterfall were several holes where the ice broke through and you could peer down into the water below. I know the bottom right rock is out of focus but I hated to crop out the ice above it since there were such interesting designs.
Waterfall into an ice craterAt Lost Creek Falls we found this amazing crater of ice under the falls.
Mysterious bubblesWe were mesmerized at Red Rock Canyon today. Here's a shot that captivated my eye....
Bodie and her cookieI tried to get her to look at the cookie but whenever she did she ate it so I settled for this shot. Like they say it is hard to work with animals and children.
Nap Hair (Apologies up front. I didn't give myself any time this week to get out and photograph, so you guys are subjected to another image of McKenzie.)

McKenzie was a bit grouchy after her nap, but a chocolate bribe did the trick.:) I mainly wanted to capture her eyes, but couldn't pass up the hair.
The Last StruggleOde to our beloved cat Benji age 22 year
Born 1989 Death 2011-01-06

Have you ever truly heard An Angel whisper in your ear?

    Their voices are soft and comforting
      Letting you know you have nothing to fear.

  If you listen very carefully
    You just might hear their sweet voice
      Whispering to you of God's perfect love
      And all things that make you rejoice.     
     They do their very best
 To always watch over you
        To keep you safe and happy
  In everything you do
Good to the last dropI took this series of shots to do a thank you card for the potter who made this cup for McKenzie for Christmas. I just loved her expressions. I even learned how to frame the shot in photoshop as it helped with the dark background.
The Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryPeople who frequent the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory seem to be very captivated with all the different products they produce.
Alex was very captivated with all the chocolates
Action!Sometimes "captivating" is a moment just caught in time! Action shots often capture my attention.
On The Wall
captivating eyesstill a bit handicpped I break the rules and send a photo taken at Christmas 3 years ago. For me this shot is captivating by drawing your attention to the essential: the eyes. Plus the light gives structure and life to the clothing.
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