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Water DropletMaking waves!
Seeking the lightAfter searching around for a subject for this assignment the past few days, I looked up from the table and realized I had an "effect" shot right before my eyes. The stems of this plant are obviously oriented toward the outdoor light. Wish I'd thought of this earlier so as to catch the morning light streaming through the blinds, but hopefully this catches the effect (Great idea for an assignment, Evan!!) I kind of liked the leading lines, extending to the pyracantha outdoors against the wall.
Wine train wind downAfter sampling so many wonderful wines, time slows down
firedance + facts 2Here we see a real ballet performance - the figures at the right are really not nice, but necessary to show that even a fire ballet heats the house.
firedance + facts 1We heat our house with a wood stove. To watch the fire is a wonderfully meditative activity. For us it replaces television (we don't have one). The woodfire causes the difference of temperature between outside (0° centigrade) and 19° inside. Our thermometer gives you the date and the time also - no cheating!
Water CarvingThe water in Queens Canyon at this time of the year is just a trickle, but when the snow in the mountains melts in the Spring, this trickle can swell to a torrent, carving "punch bowls" in the granite with its swirls.
What happens when children discover a freshly made bed...It doesn't stay that way long...
Bad luck!
After Photoshop Effect
Before Photoshop Cause
"Returning....""Returning", a recurring theme of Lao Tzi (ca 600 BC) in "The Virtue of the Way of Nature (Tao Te Ching)", is the nature of "Cause and Effect" - infinity in circle: "For though all creatures under heaven are the products of Being, Being itself is the product of Not-Being." I think that our children can be happier if we, as parents, can be happier too.
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