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Thanksgiving DinnerI had the idea to capture the beautiful table my Mom set for Thanksgiving dinner then capture everyone eating and then the empty table after. However, I was at another table and so enjoyed the food, I forgot to take the 'eating' picture. So, the center one was taken today (Sunday) with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey casserole :-) Not real happy with light in any of these as the porch gets hot spots of light streaming through the windows. But, it was fun.
A tTree in the fieldThe left photo is at 6:30am. middle 12:30pm and the right photo 4:30pm
Hitchin Creek, Early Morning Light
Hitchin Creek, Cloudy Afternoon Light
Hitchin Creek, Evening Light
CarouselWell, this was quite the challenging assignment and I learned a lot about what NOT to do - like choose a moving object such as a carousel that has moving parts that go up and down as well as around and never seem to end up in the same place. But at least I was able to go back to instructions from Dave (from the triptych assignment) about how to create a triptych on SplashUp so I also learned to do that! Thanks, Dave! The middle shot was just before 5 and the animals were in sun - not sure why the background ended up so dark. The first one was this morning and the last one was early afternoon -- 2ish. I'm not sure how to retain the file information on these images once they are in the triptych. Keith, do you need that info?
Same Street Light...The first shot was about 4:30 or so Friday. I managed to catch the airplane, tiny though it may be. So when the early morning shot around 7:30 am showed contrails, I was pretty excited, though I realize I could have done some further cropping and editing, and I didn't get in exactly the same position each time. The 3rd image was around 2 or so this afternoon - grey sky gave way to patches of blue, but alas, no aircraft - not even a bird - flew my way!
Pikes Peak & Air Force AcademyThese 3 photos are morning, noon and night of the Air Force Academy and Pikes Peak
fruit boal in shy November sunthe fruit boal stands under the apple tree (the yellow apples in the boal come from this tree).
fruit boal in dull November light
fruitboal in snow
trees in the morning mistWith a bad cough and flue I did not feel adventurous enough to brave the cold outside. So I took those photos from my study window using my zoom to the limit. I was surprised how small the contrast was and I enhanced it a bit later - on all 3 pictures
the very first snow - it did not stay on the trees in the foreground - they are less exposed than the background
serious snow this time
3 days snow and then ta-daa!Ok, still boring to me because I am on the fourth day with the same scene, however, I woke up and the sky wasn't gray and it wasn't snowing afterall... 1st: snowing, 2nd: afternoon (love the shadows but the area was in gray again), 3: morning (flat but at least not gray)
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