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Disconnected #2Davis Memorial - Hiawatha, Kansas
I took a road trip yesterday afternoon and re-photographed the monuments. I'm not sure it's an improvement over the original but the lighting adds a different character. The new DxO Optics Pro single-shot HDR function was used when processing the raw file. The DxO film pack module was also used to add a slight grain texture. The only vantage points create some interesting perspective problems for photography.
This site has become something of a Kansas landmark and the story behind it is worth reading. Just Google "Davis Memorial Hiawatha".
The 36 Year Old DumpWe recently purchased land in the mountains. We found the previous owners dumped all their trash in several places on the property. The piles consists of barbed wire, bottles, car batteries, full paint cans, couches, refrigerators, tires, etc. These people were disconnected from what they were doing to the land, water supply and the wildlife.
Love and WarCouldn't come up with something creative this week, but as I was reviewing the Senior pictures I took of my niece yesterday, I laughed at this side shot done during the photo shoot. My kids and my other niece and nephew were hanging around the photo shoot, so when Tori left to change outfits, I told all these misfits to strike a pose --at this is what they did - basically instinctively. I did not direct them where to stand or anything, the girls gave hugs and the guys gave guns and karate chops!
Replicating disconnection in Red SquarePassing by this sculpture of Lenin at Mandalay Bay with only a point and shoot available, I knew I had to try to capture this image of obvious disconnection. It's kind of eerie that Dave posted a headless sculpture as well - much better composed I might add! This doesn't need to be part of the judging - just wanted to share.
DisconnectedThe Davis Memorial, Hiawatha, Kansas - This isn't for the judging, it's just an older photo for the mix. I've had a very busy week and haven't had a chance to go exploring with a camera. It's a challenging assignment and didn't want to totally sit it out.
Cell Phone DisconnectI was out today and tried to make a call on my cell phone and found that I didn't have any bars. I really felt disconnected from the world. With so many people who have cell phones I guess we take being connected for granted until there are no bars!
Mutilation of the ancient pastAs volunteers we monitor the condition of rock art and other archeological resources at Red Rock Canyon. Sadly on our outing yesterday, we discovered this damage over the top of 900-1200 year-old pictographs. In seconds, with a can of spray paint, the mystery of these images and the culture that created them was partially obliterated. What a disconnect!
A different State of mind
but I far prefer this connected railway wagon
disconnected railway wagonThis railway wagon is truely disconnected
Some of the old railwaywagons transporting cement for the construction of the Jura motorway standing at Porrentruy railway station are connected, others are not. Sometimes it is not totally clear, if they are connecte or not... it is like in real life: it is rarely black or white.
Feeling blue und etwas "Disconnected"Inspired by Ribots "Blue Sapphire"
Disconnected Objects 3
Disconnected Objects 2
Disconnected Objects 1
Blue Sapphire
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