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The Legend of the Bow LadyAt the Celebration of Life ceremony we just had for Clay's mom, it was apparent from the stories shared by dozens of friends, that Marjorie, "The Bow Lady" was quite a legend. She had over a hundred bows in all colors, sizes, and textures that she carefully arranged around her head. She was a true model of beauty, humility and kindness. Everyone was invited to choose a bow; many will be worn on her birthday, Veterans Day. It's said that if you look at the stars you'll notice one with a bow smiling lovingly.
SR71 BlackbirdThe kids and I had the honor to meet one of the pilots of America's legendary SR71 Blackbird. Buz Carpenter actually flew the blackbird that is on display at the Cosmosphere a few times. In this shot, the background was rather distracting (including the back of Evan under the plane and badly blown carpet on the window side), so I had to do some cloning in photoshop. I decided to overlay a snapshot I got of Buz Carpenter to get him in the scene and block out some more distracting background.
The "Swiss Weather Prophets"The Swiss "weather prophets" have the answer based on reading cows horns and mice tails.
The unique predictions made by the weathermen are Switzerland's version of the legendary long-range forecasts of the Farmers' Almanac in the United States.

These guys are legendary and still have a large following in my area. They even brought one in to visit my children's class when they were studying the weather. Justin told me that if a cow sneezes, it will snow in the next five days..... Hmmm. What if a cow sneezes in the summer? What do those scientists that study the weather for years know anyway?
VaderI thought he would be taller. :)
JasonI know Jason is a horror film legend. I have never seen any of the movies though.
One Legend of SuperheroesL-R: SpiderGirl, IronDad, SuperBoy, RobinMom, SuperGirl.
Legends of the WestIcons of the American west, it'd be difficult to think of a people whose image has been manipulated more to fit the political, entertainment, or economic whims of the times. I came across this jewel yesterday at a service area east of Lawrence, Kansas on Interstate 70. This is just a snapshot with the Lecia D-Lux4 using available fluorescent lighting.
The Battle of MorgartenFrederick's brother, Leopold of Austria, led an army of 3000 to 5000 men — about one third of them knights on horseback — to crush the rebellious confederates, planning a surprise attack from south via Lake Aegeri and the Morgarten pass and counting on a complete victory over the rebellious peasants.

The Confederates of Schwyz — supported by the Confederates of Uri, who feared for their autonomy, but not supported by the Confederates of Unterwalden — expected the army in the west near the village of Arth, where they had erected fortifications. A historically plausible legend tells of the Knight of Huenenberg who shot an arrow into the camp of the Confederates with the attached message "watch out on St. Otmar's day at the Morgarten".

The Confederates prepared a road-block and an ambush at a point between Lake Aegeri and Morgarten pass where the small path led between the steep slope and a swamp. When about 1500 men attacked from above with rocks, logs and halberds, the knights had no room to defend themselves and suffered a crushing defeat, while the foot soldiers in the rear fled back to the city of Zug. A chronicler described the Confederates, unfamiliar with the customs of battles between knights, as brutally butchering everything that moved and everyone unable to flee. This founded the reputation of the Confederates as barbaric, yet fierce and respectable fighters
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