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Cormorant sunriseThis photograph of a double crested cormorant landing in an aspen reflection on Oxbow Lake in Grand Tetons National Park. I saw this reflection and waited for something to enter the frame. The cormorant positioned itself perfectly.
Pronghorn buck and doeDespite seeing thousands of pronghorns, this was the first time I was able to photograph them and I got a pair interacting. This photo was taken last week at Yellowstone with Keith and Rebecca.
Coyote in YellowstonePouncing on his prey from a different angle
Coyote in YelowstoneWe saw a coyote in the high grass hunting for food. He spotted his prey and pounced on it.
Eating!Caught a little chipmunk eating a chip at our picnic in Yellowstone NP
Stupid tourist behaviorThe kids and I were photographing this elk with the 70-200mm and it started across the field toward the road --everyone gave him room except this couple. She actually backed up toward the oncoming elk smiling for the camera and checking over her shoulder as she backed. Luckily, the elk was in one good mood that morning and just walked on by and across the road.
ProtectingMother deer and her twins - every Mom's instinct to protect her young
Who will blink first!We were watching this black bear for a while and almost started to pack up and leave when this dear wondered into this face off. The dear ended up leaving unhurt!
Evan and the rocksWe went for a walk with Evan and in this photo he was trying to fill Lake Jackson with rocks....lots of them!
Milkweed BugsYes, they look like Halloween candy, but milkweed bugs taste terrible. It's part of their defense to avoid becoming lunch to hungry birds. They advertise this with the bright orange coloring, even massing together at times to increase the 'color of nastiness' effect. Photographed along a trail at the Konza Prairie Biological Station, southwest of Manhattan, Kansas.
A game of tagChildren at play.
Such a cutie...I'm going to call this little guy Speedy! Enjoying the sun. Anybody want to tell me their favorite from the Otter pics?
Here I am...A very rare sight. This is an absolute treat to see one of these in Switzerland. They are trying to make a comeback. This guy was so quick, it was almost impossible to get a good shot. I have many to prove it. Then poof! He was gone.
Typical Otter!Twirling and twirling and swimming on his back.
Back into the water
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