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Our RooftopAt present...this is all I could come up with! Have been real busy with "autumn stuff! Fall will not be pretty here in Pa. this year I'm afraid...between the over dry-hot weather,hail storms knocking off the green leaves and the caterpillars feeding vengeance...everything so far is rather dull and brown :(
When the mom's away the teddy bears will playI was a slacker last week and had a hard time finding a subject this week.......But in the end the teddy bears came to the rescue!
Old tree
Same Stuff, Different Day
Balanced Rock at Garden of the GodsThis is the Balanced Rock at Garden of the Gods and as you can see from the size of the people on the left it is not a small rock.
Climbers at Garden of the GodsIn this photo there is a climber about halfway up the rock face and the othere waiting their turn.
Climbers at Garden of the GodsI guess great minds think alike Keith. I too went to the Garden of the Gods to see if there were any climbers. I went later in the day about 2pm.
The Universal Cat I struggle with this assignment - its not "my cup of tea"
so i use my old Cat again.
Learning to Climb
On the Edge
The smallest bird in the worldCan you guess what this is? Give it a try and I'll let you know later. This week I did not have a lot of time for the assignment. Lots of ideas but I was loaded this week. I used a couple of hours to try a few things. I like this best. Scale is shown by the tips of my fingers. (I changed the photo so that you can guess what it is... Sorry Chris, it is not a tooth.)
Giant FungiSaw these shining in the bright sun today.
El CaminoThis model El Camino was sitting on the air cleaner of a full size El Camino engine at a local car show.
Inner SpaceThis is a view of the massive internal volume of a hot air balloon as it is filled. The shadow of a crew member, pulling fabric into place as it inflates, provides some sense of the size.
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