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Stuck.This isn't the greated picture but it was a fleeting moment. I was on my way to class the other day and I saw something odd on the side of the interstate. It definitely was not a car but I couldn't tell what it was. I had my camera in the seat beside me so I reached over and turned it on then held it against the window. I clicked the button just as I drove by. This is what I saw. Very unusual I thought. They were gone when I came by after class. I wasn't sure what would come out of the camera. Not too bad.
Marco kicks butt!Another flying shot...
A fleeting moment at the Bellagio fountainsWhile driving home from the First Friday in the art district of Las Vegas, we caught this image of Elvis walking by the Bellagio. I processed in both Canon DPP and iPhoto so don't know how much info is going to show...
Sticker heavenMcKenzie got a cool gift box from her Godmom today. She was being so quiet while I was working, that when I looked over, I just laughed -- so much for saving the stickers for something special.
Studying Each OtherAs we watched each other she starting stamping her left foot. Was it a warning or an invitation to dance? I'll never know, she retreated into the woods soon after this shot.
Alert in the WoodsHere's a third version. (The previous two were moved to my personal albums.) This one is throwing me off. I suppose it's the abundance of greens, green-filtered, and reflected green light. I did some simple curves adjustments and desaturated the greens a bit.
Moody's PondLast Sunday morning while out on my walk with Bodie while we were visiting some friends in the mountains I came across this scene. The sun was coming up, the lighting on the calm pond, the trees and the great blue sky seemed to be just right so of course I stopped there and take the photo. A few moments later the scene looked totally different when the lighting changed. Anyway this was my "Fleeting Moment".
My favorite shot of the dayThe neighbors were playing soccer.
Four Miracles A Second.......is already too much for me to be happy. Neo got so excited in the middle of the Saints' Super-bowl Championship game and decided to come out right after the Saints won - a week earlier than his expected date.
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