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Hummingbird This was not an easy to capture a hummingbird with a flash to get the catchlight!
Sad Eyes, Flashed
Sad EyesNo flash. I think I like this one better than the flash. Looks much more natural.
Don't make her madI was going for a glowing evil red eyes look. Turned off all the lights except the heat lamp in the bathroom.
MissyWe were visiting friends this weekend in the mountains and was hoping for the local moose to stop by for a photoshoot. Unfortunately, our only subject was Missy, their cat!
Jaws: the light in my eyesIt wasn't looking good for being able to go out and shoot real people or critters so as I was slouched on the couch flipping through channels, I started to pay attention to the notion of catchlight and how that light in the eye really does capture the viewer's attention. I put my camera on continuous shooting as I watched a documentary on the making of Jaws. In the midst of many bad images this double exposure of Spielberg and other images was created.
"My eyes are my best feature ;-) "
Reflected CatchHmmm, Rebecca and I discovered that it is tough to get a catchlight to show in animals that have bright eyes.
swan natural catchlightThis time I got some natural catchlight!
Catch you later!This catchlight is from my flash. This adorable bird posed for us for a while, but he never quite turned into the sun, so Keith, bless him, brought a flash and loaned it to me.
Get that Spot Light Oughta My EyzeSweat bee (Halictidae) on a Maximilian sunflower is caught in a beam of the morning sun along a Morris County, Kansas country road
A perfect flowerI got an idea after seeing the reflectinon in my dog's eyes.... Here are the results... My friend at a group's get-together was gracious enough to let me stick a camera in her eye. She let me do it even though people were trying to have conversations with her or all around her.
She is soooo gonna get me.This is my dog, Tashi. In her eye, you can see my dining room, pool stuff from outside, the wooden floor, my arm and the lens... Please ignore the mess.
sunshine snailShot with my old fujica macro
Catchlight from sun
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