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I need free healthcare or I'm doneNikkor 70-200/2.8G VRI; handheld, VR-on (didn't know what shutter speed the D700 will give me at f/8 aperture priority); +1.0 exposure compensation because I wanted to expose the dragonfly in Z.VI brightness; AF-C, 21 points, dynamic AF-area, focus point at mid-body and upper left rear wing just above the torn part. My in-camera defaults: 14bit NEF, linear tone curve, adobeRGB, autoWB, everything else are off. PP in CNX2, prophotoRGB then converted to sRGB; cropped to near 100%.
Leadville 100 Mountain Bike RaceWe were at the race this weekend. I kept thinking I wanted a picture of the rider's calves because they are so muscular. I never caught their calves but I had this picture of Dave Wiens arms. Dave has won this race 6 times. Last year he lost this race to Lance Armstrong and this year to Levi Leipheimer. This is a 100 mile mountain bike race with an elevation gain of ~12,000 ft.
For MarilynI click balanced on a neutral grey to correct much of the color cast, adjusted levels (brightness), added a touch of shadows adjustment, and a very small amount of selective sharpening.
Mbira on displayThis is a musical instrument I bought in Zimbabwe about 10 years ago on a trip with Habitat (to Malawi). I set mirror lock and used the self-timer. My improvised tripod: two Harry Potter books on top of a little table with a prop under my zoom lens (turned off the stabilizer). I experimented a lot with different settings and locations, trying to find a way to show light through the hole. I liked the way the shadow here further emphasizes it.
FragmentsThis was inspired by Michele's beautiful studies of dried flowers. I wanted to experiment with that kind of feeling, so I thought I'd play the details assignment in two ways. I used technique to bring out details in the objects, while composing found objects to hint at the details of a story behind the images. Next I combined the frames using a triptych, using tricks from an earlier assignment. (The story is a romantic fiction, just a creative exercise.)
Perfume BottleI'm working on something else too, but this is a start....
Nail HeadA bit closer so You dont miss
Peach and Bug
Picasso through a Magnify GlassFor this image i must admit: I got some help from my special "Picasso" Magnify Glass.
AmethystEvan saw me photographing my Celestine and Sulfur images and wanted to photograph his Amethyst. Yup, he took this image, he even used a silver reflector to bounce sunlight through the backside of the crystal.
Celestine and Sulfur, Take IIFrom Mt Etna, Sicily

I was using early morning window light for this shot, and of course the light was constantly shifting and changing as I set up the shot. The light in this image highlighted the crystals and sulfur nicely.
Celestine and SulfurFrom Mt Etna, Sicily. I should probably have treated this specimen a little nicer than tossing it in a box with other rocks. It turns out that nice specimens are worth a bit of money.
SunsetFor me right now, this is about as detailed as I get. I shot in manual using the spot meter to set the brightest spot. However, no tripod for my relatively long shutter speed. We were walking out of the church and the sky was just beautiful, so I just grabbed the camera --didn't have a tripod with us. Thankfully, I was taking pics for the church event or we wouldn't have even had the good camera there.
Can I offer you a cup of coffee?I know coffee has been done but I like the coloring. I used a tray full of beans and placed my cup in it. I put it by the window and used a reflector. Again, a rainy day so the light was not that strong. The one thing I liked about the shadow on the rim is the slight reflection of the beans.
Fly on the wallOk. I'll add it in then.
Kiwi freshNot and orange but a kiwi in sparkling water.
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