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GrandmaI haven't been able to take many pictures lately. This is another from the day I took the brats picture. I wish I had been at an angle to get more of her eyes. I also missed the very top of her hair. Grandma isn't fond of having her picture taken so I was trying to get it before she noticed. :) I like it.
Uncle DavidI thought this one turned out pretty well. This is from the same day I took the brats picture.
Very expensive shotgunsSorry I am late in the submission this week. I just returned from a shotgun tournament and while I was there I went roaming around to see if I could come up with a shot for this week. I saw these 3 shotguns on the rack waiting to be used. If you think photography is an expensive hobby, these 3 shotguns are a total of about $45,000. No they are not mine!
Separation onlineGarden Pictures
Separation1Garden picture
separation4Garden picture
Hang in thereThis is in honor of a wonderful, kind photographer who was shooting this butterfly when we invaded. He leant a kind ear to Evan who told him all about photography while I stole his tripod spot :-) Barney, I hope you come out on the website and join us in our weekly assignments!
ButterflyThe butterfly house at Botanica is one of my favorites right now as I can take a few shots and know exactly where the kids are. Evan pointed out this butterfly to me right as we were leaving. I wish I would have had my longer lens to get more separation from the background, but oh well.
SuspendedThe kids and I came upon this rather large spider web suspended above the woodland path. Even a breath of wind moved this web and I had to use manual focus and keep two kids from climbing on my tripod. I was pleased I got anything at all. Finally, I don't care for spiders, but I am fascinated by their webs.
RoseI tried to line up the focus plane so that it fell across the center petals (where our eyes are naturally drawn) and the outer petals on the left. This gave the perception that the entire flower was in focus, even though there are still a few portions that are a bit soft.
(This image will appear over-saturated if you view it in Internet Explorer. Safari will display more accurate colors.)
Unknown FlowerI tried to use both light and distance (depth of field) to separate the flowers from the background in this image. I would have preferred a softer background with a wider aperture, but had to stop down a bit to get all three flowers acceptably sharp.
It's what we do!I tried using a 2.8 100 mm macro lens but it was not nearly as effective as using the 50 mm 1.8 lens. Using a Macro filter, I separated the word from the dictionary. I hope I understood the assignment correctly.
Separation of cultures and timesThis was taken at Newspaper Rock in Utah. Not only does the fence symbolize separation but so does the modern man photographing the petroglyphs/capturing images of the past. In addition, the images on the wall no doubt depict various clans, perhaps generations over time as they added new images.
Yellow Cleome/Bee Plant FlowerI captured this flower at Newspaper Rock in Utah right after being immersed in working on all of the petroglyphs on the wall. What a find!
simply seperated dew dropsWent outside in the morning before the heat made it too un-bearable and spied this web.
He`s Looking At You KidOnce again Sigma Wide
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