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Roundup at dawnThe only post processing I did on this was a slight midtone levels adjustment in Photoshop. This was actually taken with the S3 through the windshield as we stopped for these cowboys and cowgirls bringing a load of feeder steer into a pasture.
Work'n CattleWent to the ranch this weekend to help work cattle. It was burning sweat in your eyes hot, and dusty. Had steak for lunch the next day. :)
Old Snow Fence at Sunset
Hummingbird Feeding Silhouette
H.D. Lee Flour Mill Co.Salina, Kansas
Lauren and JustinAlso taken in a castle. The glass on the window is made with bottle bottoms.
StatueJust a statue near a restaurant.
Tombstone Silhouettes
Starr Kempf sculpture of a phoenixI was captivated by the Starr Kempf sculptures in Colorado Springs. This is one of a phoenix. Again, not much time to shoot or edit....
Hercules beetle sculptureWe captured this beetle advertising the May Museum outside of Colorado Springs. We are heading out and away from internet connections so this has limited editing. I know it would be best to photoshop out the wires and fence but this is about all I can do for now.
Stormy Cat TailTook this a few days ago as a severe storm was approaching.It's not as nice as Rick's ;) but was actually meant for the Discovery assignment which I missed because of the up-coming Lawton Fireman's Carnival of which we do the Instant Bingo tent. By the way Keith & Rebecca, Wayne & Belva told me to say Hi to you and the family :) And if the file size is too small for the pic let me know! I did it at 800 but it was huge when I uploaded it here.I'm still getting used to our new computer and windows 7 programs
Sunrise Silhouette
Bodie at Sunrise Silhouette
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