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Discovering WildflowersThis image is dedicated to Veronika (pictured composing a macro of the Indian Paintbrush). Marilyn, Clay, and Brad, who spent three wonderful days with me exploring the mountains around Crested Butte, and helping me to discover new aspects of the wildflowers that I had never seen before.
Old Coral in ColoradoI discovered this old coral on my way home from camping this weekend. What really caught my eye was the old wood of the split rail fence. I believe there are many more things to discover there when I have more time.
Discover beauty in a simpel wayWith a little help from PS again (posterize candy paper)
PeachesThe photo of Billy Tripp may be more interesting but I'm hungry for light and color tonight so here are some fresh peaches ripening in a recently planted orchard at Pioneer Bluffs historic site.
Billy TrippYou never know what you'll discover on a day's journey. This is Billy Tripp, an artist from Brownsville, Tennesee. I was in Chase County today for an event featuring author William Least Heat-Moon when Billy rumbled in, stealing much of the attention. In this photo he's just parking and preparing to dismount the bike. I saw him a couple days ago in Emporia but didn't get a photo. There are some detail photos of the bike on my 'Prairie Dust' site.
CraneI think this is a crane, I don't know about birds much. I am still trying to get a bird that is around here that is a mix between an eagle and a falcon. They always soar high in the sky but whenever I see one close by, I never have the camera. I am usually driving the kids here or there when I see one.
In-flightI went to the airport to practice taking take-offs and landings but discovered this bird instead. I followed it around for quite a while.
Monument Plant close upThe education director at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab at Gothic was raving about the intricacy of the Monument Plant's blooms, so I became even more intrigued with these plants and tried to capture their tiny blooms. Of course, I only had Evan's D100 at the time and was in a hurry to keep up with the kids as we explored the area.
Emerald Lake HillsideI took this shot because I thought the tall flowers in the scene formed a neat pattern. I later discovered these flowers are Monument Plants that only bloom ever 40 years or so and they happen to be having a bumper crop year this year.
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