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Lunch with Cindy and Lee
Douglas FirThe unique lighting in this scene is due to the early morning light reflecting off the lake and back up into the underside of the branches on this large (and fragrant) Douglas Fir.
Lavender :)OK, time to learn my herbs better. How about Lavender? :)
Lavender? and BeeA quick upload so I don't miss the assignment deadline. Hopefully more to come later.
Smells like TroubleMcKenzie and her Uncle Tom can get into all sorts of trouble, and I captured it here. I know I'm intrepreting this liberally, but I ran out of time.
Sunday morning brewI was really struggling with finding a subject for this assignment. But upon waking realized the potential of coffee beans in the grinder ready and waiting. Clay provided the hand and so much other set-up help with a tripod, flash, etc. We should have brewed some coffee before starting the shooting however!
Waiting to be groundThis shot represents a necessary morning aroma!
BratsOne of the few things I like better than cooking outdoors is watching my brother do it. There are many different mixtures of smells that come from a grill or a smoker. Many memories are mixed in with those smells.
Charlie Brown's MarketMildred, Kansas -- Sunlight pours in through the front door at Charlie Brown's where Marilyn Colgin is watching the store. These old grocery stores have a unique olfactory ambience, here old wood mixed with the earthy scent of fresh potatoes. It's unusual to see a store so well stocked in a town so small - somewhere around 3 dozen people live there (source: 2000 census). But the shelves are full, and a well stocked meat and dairy case glows in the back.
Smell the RosesMy daughter stops to smell the flowers all the time. I'm not sure I "smell" this picture but I did think it was nice. :)
Baby GoatAt the B&B we stayed at last week, I visited the barn every morning and said hello to the baby sheep and goat. When you first walk into the door, the smell just hits you but then you kind of get used to it. I found out I think I'm a farmer at heart. I loved visiting the animals every morning. My only problem was when the owner told me they would probably be sold for food. They are just too cute to be eaten!
Sheep in the pastureWhen I looked at this photo when I got home it wasn't memories of wonderful smells but there was defiantly a memory of the smells in the pasture.
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