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Evan's Spider (posted late)I was having a tough time getting inspired about anything until I spotted a beautiful yellow Swallowtail Butterfly through the window as we were finishing lunch. I showed it to Evan and he asked if he could photograph it. He had a tough time photographing the butterfly because it just wouldn't stay still long enough, but got really excited when he spotted this spider. We shared a few precious moments exploring the yard and photographing together until the lure of setting off 4th of July fireworks with his older cousin drew him away.
My SonYou don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes. ~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.
Blue JayColor and variety in nature inspires me. This Blue Jay added so much more beauty to my garden today.
rests on my windowsThis little Beetle on my windows today did help me to find inspiration to get out and shot some macros
A blank canvasThis may not be imaginative, however, this is what inspires me in all sorts of ways. A blank canvas. I could have photographed it on the easel but it loses its meaning because I don't want it to represent just painting. It could mean anything. I took the canvas outside and took a shot. The white alone was strange so I added a frame. But the intent was to just show a white canvas full of possibilities. Maybe it is a little boring for a picture though... So many things inspire me... Picking one is too hard so this is a representation of all of them. I would have loved to just photograph light, so I thought about a prism. I just don't happen to have one.
Potter's HandsI get inspiration just walking into 'Humble Clay', Larry Matson's studio in Cottonwood Falls. The front room, right off the street, is small but filled with texture: tools, finished pieces, buckets of clay, and dozens of things that trigger the potter's imagination. Most especially I'm most inspired by his attitude toward creativity and the need for work to be an important part of our lives.
Just a little help from my friendsJust finished a very inspiring week of Bible school at our church with 66 preschoolers! One of many inspiring moments was watching the big kids helping the preschoolers in so many ways. Also, I particularly like this piece of playground equipment we have as the kids have to all help to make it go, and they have so much fun on a very simple mechanism that has been there for almost 50 years!
whisper...that i may seeas i grow, i'm giving up so much irrelevance and simply come back to my senses to be inspired constantly.
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